Wednesday, June 3, 2009

So here's my heart I'll give over & over again

HI I'M BACK WITH MY AUNTY HAIRDOOOOO~ I sat in the saloon for half a day for this hairdo. It is a life-changing decision, yknow. I never changed my hair style since my bangs days... I don't know if I were to say that I like or what. But I was really hoping for more of the natural look. I showed Aunty Brenda the picture of Vanessa Hudgens 'cos I really adoreeeeee her wave and fringe but it didn't turn out the same way. :( Aunt said it will after I wash my hair tomorrow. I really do hope so..

Uh this picture sure don't look like me.. Omg I see excess fats all on my face!

Anyway, I don't know if you guys know about the MTV Movie Awards. Robsten won the Best Kiss Performance!

Click on the images for the link to the video!

Do you think they deserve to win? I really think that Zanessa should win 'cos their kiss on HSM3 was so so so passionate. Much more better than Robsten on Twilight. They are both my favourite celebrity couples though. :> Wanna know more about the MTV Movie Awards 2009, you can watch it on

I shall blog about our second year anniversary!! Teehee how excited ^^

Girlf came to pick me after her class. When I met her at the mall, I realised her whole point of picking me up is to surprise me with the Apple red earpiece I wanted, which is only available at the Best Denki here. Awww :) but sadly, it is sold out. Wow, just when she planned to get it!! :(

Never mind about that. So we travelled to Cineleisure for lunch at Kobayashi! Love the food there~~
I had the omelette, girlf had the kimchi ramen. It is really good.

Love it when she is this happy =)

Wanted to catch Night at the Museum 2 but time clashes with our plan. Our plan was to have dinner at Vivo City Hog's Breath then to Clarke Quay to have cakes & still head home early to rest. We didn't get to watch the movie in the end. Postponed to another day! Checked out at iShop, they don't carry the same earpiece either. Grrr.. Should've just bought it that day huh. I really want an iTouch. Girlf said she'll ask my friends to share and get one for me. Oh sho schweet but then bff said she'll get me a Chanel bag, right bff???? :D HAHAHAHA

We didn't have anywhere specific to go so we just walked from place to place. Went to Taka! I was very tempted to get Auntie Anne & Churros. Omg cinnamon sugar (L) But I didn't! I saved space for a dinner that didn't turn out just the way I want it to be.... Then we walked to Wisma. Walked around, went to a few boutiques, saw few familiar faces. Headed off to Vivo City at around 4pm.

Went to the pet shop! The hamsters were so adorable!!!! Some sleeping, eating from their little pockets in their mouths, some playing on the wheel. Damn adorable. I'd love to have a pet :( if only mom isn't so particular about cleanliness around the house, hm.

Top: Online
Bottom: Far East Plaza
Bag: Louis Vuitton
Shoes: Far East Plaza
Earrings: Far East Plaza
Necklace: Chanel
Heart ring: Sketchbooklabel.lj
Bangles & bracelet: Diva

The background reminds me of Maria Mena's Calm Under The Waves. I love the new earrings a lot. It's a heart locket. I'm gonna make one of these really soon!

When we arrived at Hog's Breath.....

"...closed for reservations."

ARGH. This was what that spoilt our plans :( so we had Marche instead!!! Which also really excites me 'cos I have been craving for it since the last time I had it with girlf on our sixth month anniversary! Thinking of the food now really makes me drool....

Calamari Rings
Cream of Mushroom
I don't know what is this but it's nice!

We had a nice long dinner which cost us less than $50. Cosy, though noisy but I love it there. I can people-watch from the windows, with all my favourite food on the table. Hm, perfeckkkk :) A pity we didn't order Rosti this time. The queue was really long! And by the time it shortens, we were so full. I was bloated! After dinner, we sat by the waters, just the way I always wanted to do. Though it was quite crowded there, with every other couple or group of friends sitting around, eating, talking, we still enjoyed ourselves.

Fav!!!!!! (L)

Familiar? She had something like this too!

hey no mind the fats ah :D

Because we both didn't wanna spend too much as the two of us are on budget, girlf suggested that we get a watch for each other & make it our couple watch. Guess what? Despite today being our 735th day together, it is our first couple watch. Or our couple whatever. I know right!?!

Not a fan of watches like girlf is but I really like this one =)

She was so happy and excited that she wore it around the house the next day, and can't stop raving about it. I was just waiting in silent for a time to wear this out teehee and yesterday I did! I wore to class :D

Oh, not forgetting, my RL package for mom arrived on Saturday! I woke up to my maid telling me that my package has arrived. I was so happy, I jumped out of bed immediately. Although it is not for me, but I am still happy because I know mom will be thrilled. And indeed, she came through the door & I stood there posing with the bag in my pjs, she was like, "Oh, it's here!?!!" And I replied her, "Oh, not yet not yet.." Hahaha she said, "Oh okay then, continue waiting." Bloody hell. She saw it already & she still can tell me continue waiting..

I am sooooooooo going to get the red one. I cannot stop carrying this tote around like it's mine & dad thought I was gonna tell mom that I wanna use it. Yeh right, it's for her, how can I use it first!? Teehee wait until she don't wanna use it ~ :D

Because bff & girlf is asleep, I'm not talking to anyone on Plurk/Twitter, I think I will turn in early tonight. Really need my body clock to workkkkkk. Lunch with mama tomorrow, and unconfirmed day out with the girls after!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, your hairdo outcome won't be exactly what you wanted at first. But after a few wash, should be okay. So don't frown. I think you look cute! :D

June 4, 2009 at 7:30 PM  

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