Thursday, June 18, 2009

Scriptedrama is going away...

Yupp, I'm going away on a short trip with my family. I know I haven't update this space in awhile but I'll definitely do so when I'm back from the trip! No, no worries, I'll be back with a picspamxzxz teehee!

These days I've been really busy with school, settling family matters and spending quality time with bff, bb & sissy. Yeh, you didn't hear wrongly, I'm talking about my sis. We grew closer ever since I told her about bb & I. I don't know if it's a good thing or not but, I sure hope it is. She is still annoying at times and this time, is one of the times!!!! She's blabbering away about how lousy budget flights are when she haven't been on one yetttt. NAICE ONE OK SISSY!

Luggage packed, bag unpacked, essay not finalised not sent t bff! Won't be around to hand in my GP essay so bff is gonna help me with it. Like what momma said just now, "Yanhui gotta be responsible for it hor, make sure she hands in for you yeh" you hear mama tan, you peachy bffz!? Hahaha love you nong time bffz, thanks for everythinggggg. Especially my *mess* before this trip. Please watch over (i didn't say check hor) me galgalxzxz when i'm not around ok tweet her text her call her visit her do whatever you want ok hahahaha AND PLEASE STUDY HARD FOR YOUR CLASS TEST OMG YOU MUST PASS OK DO MAMA PROUD ALRIGHTY and do your best for the GP essay ok jia youuuuuuu!! If meowz bully you, tell me when I'm back ok i will kp her to deathzzzzz okbye love lob lub luv you nong nong time!
And to my galgalxzxzxz :> this mess made me realised how thankful i am to have you, my one and only family that i truly love and care for. you are the bezzzzzz ♥ I love you so much bee, please prove t me that you wil behave ok teeeheee never mind i got a spy t check on you already~~ hahaha don't bother about her too much ok, sometimes she is just kidding so you can just shoot her nbcb her also never mind alrighty 'cos her galgalxzxz also kp me, SAY I UNFRIENDLY LEH 'COS I REPLIED 'No.' TO HER SIMS3 TEXT HOR BLOODY HELL MEOW YOU BETTER WATCH OUTTTT hahahaha ok anyway i love you, take care of yourself & ulcer, please go away kthxbaiiii enjoy babyjavier's celebration ok (L)

To my plurkies/tweeties, takeeeeee care of yourselves and we'll tweet/plurk when I'm back okayyyy I'll tweet/plurk when i'm in the hotel, hopefully they've got wireless ok love you guys, thanks for *the talk* s & k :> really helped me a lot!
To my favourite girls, I miss y'all so so so much. I talk about our times so often to yanhui that she's also missing you guys too! We need girls time soon alrighty after i'm back!! Need t catch up over cuppa :> luv you guys, take care & update me when i'm back!!! <3

Oh, happy birthday Kwai :) have a blastin' time, talk soon! Take care :>
And Cheryl Lim, happy birthday in adv!! Nudge me on msn plzzzz haven't talked t you in awhile!

*sings I'm leaving on a jetplane*

bye blogosphere
i'll tweet/plurk when i get wifi there :)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hahaha omg your speech so damn bloody long ok! Its ok everybody have their own mess every once in a while, what matters most is people who matters stays throughout. We're still here! Tell your galgal to twit in every 10 mins ah, cos i'll be at jer's bday party tell her no skiving plz haha! Hey no bitch my gf like this she'll kp you 10 times worst but that definitely sounds better than 5 days there with your monster parents. Be safe, dont get h1n1 there plz quarantine yourself if you dont feel well peach. tell mama tan no so worry ok cos i'll be in sch on flyday! Alright this isss longgg i dont wanna sound like tila haha! Have as much fun as possible, luv chew nong time too. Xoxo, bffzzz

June 18, 2009 at 2:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW! BITCH ABOUT ME IN YOUR BLOG! you dont act one nice and friendly blogger hor i tell you. HAHAHAHA.

enjoy your reluctant KL TRIP! HAHAHAHAJHAHAHAHA.

June 18, 2009 at 9:58 AM  

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