Tuesday, June 2, 2009

And everything in your past, you wanna let it go

Lately, I can't sleep well at night. Lately, I slept very little. Lately, I get tired very easily. Lately, I dreamed a lot. Lately, I thought of you so so so much. Lately, I dreamed of you. The dream so real, I thought I was awake. I woke up, did a reality check, and went back to sleep telling myself this is, by far, the closest to reality dream I ever had of you.

Could this be a sign? I wish this wasn't what came to my mind when I thought about the dream again. I thought these dreams has finally come to a halt when you walked out of that door. I guess, they have not. God, please make them go away. I don't need these right when my life is on the right track...

The Sims 3 Launch Party @ Iluma today & we missed it. Girlfriend had class until 3.15pm & my class starts at 3.30pm so we gotta give it a go :( I want Sims 3 but girlfriend said it'll affect my studies if she buy it for me now and I won't concentrate on studying and most importantly sleeping early. After talking to Rosental & Shermaine on Plurk just now, I think I will really have to see a psychiatrist.

First day of school today, and all that ran through my mind? I miss 0846A, I miss the girls, I miss Marc and his nonsense, I miss Mistical endlessly posting questions to the lecturer, I miss seeing Abby dressing up nicely for class, I miss seeing Alex & his group of friends talking about nothing but soccer and army days, I miss the noisy yet fun-loving class. Any other class is nothing like you guys =(

Econs is a chore. I can never understand why mass commers need to study econs. I just don't get it. Shermaine, my Twitter/Plurk friend, was there too. BUT SHE DIDN'T SAY HI SHE SAID SHE IS SHY :( I was telling bff that nooooo one talked to us la no one smiled either!! Then this guy, who looked like he is drunk / tanned 'cos his face is super red, said "Bye girls, see you!" when we walked out of school. Sweeeet.

Oh, not forgetting, I surprised the girlfriend today :))))))))))) Bought her the new toothpaste I am using. I told her that it is really good, no morning breath, bad breath, whatever breath at all. So I bought one for her to try. She was happy, so was I. I think today we spoke less than fifteen sentences :(

I came home with a headache, and body aches. Whole body aching. I'm too young to feel this old. Oh, and I'm doing my hair tomorrow. No more ugly wavvy hair!! I hope. Please x2398743290 don't screw this up my dear hairdresser AKA Aunty Brenda. I'll be friggin' mad (& I do not care if your daughters are gonna read this) if you screw it!!!!

And, my Restaurant City reached the maximum level. How nice. So many nights of chiong-ing & I reached the maximum level. Waste my time!!!! Ok anyhoooooz I'll blog about the anniversary really soon. Prolly tomorrow after I'm done with my hair or something. The photos are done, but 'cos I gotta wake up at 8 bloody am in the morning tomorrow so I'm gonna turn in after this teehee!

P/s: Oh, and girls, I miss y'all!! I got no class this Thursday, we can hang out. :)))))) Text me okay Jems! Alamak, I forget to update you about your sweater again!!!!

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