Monday, January 12, 2009

Been here all the time so why can't you see you belong with me?

Dinner at J's - Home cooked macaroni, yummy. Thanks Auntie :) I felt so bad for going up empty handed for dinner but J insisted that I should not buy anything else she'd get scolded :/

Camwhoring was crazy. We went nuts with the webcam. We took like 60 photos? Hahah that's..a lot within an hour. I didn't even notice we took so much! Went bonkers talking to Y while she's at work. J & I were fighting - girl fight!! Hahaha she gave me one blue black and a few scratches on my hands. I left her with two teeth marks & one blue black that she calls "tattoo".

Early supper at Bukit Panjang Plaza's Mac's. She was craving for more mcwings. I got influenced! She texted me this morning to ask if she should eat mcwings -.- so I asked if she wanted me to go over, she said yeh ok & I prepared & went over. Crazy peach. She woke up cos she thought of mcwings!!!

J mentioned it again - I should see a psychologist or a psychiatrist. No, this is no joke. It's about my sleeping & thinking too much problem. I don't know..I'm gonna talk to mom and ask her if I should. Imagine if I get more pills. I will have pills for breakfast every morning. I hate pills :(

We walked around, wanted to diss this fugly bitch at the mall who kinda annoyed me & annoyed J even more but unfortunately we didn't get to. Tskkkkk no funz :( Bought her photo album, walked around a little more & I cabbed back home. Reached home at around 10ish.

I'm fucken tired right now. I only had 4 hours of sleep the day before. There's class tomorrow at 12.15pm. I was hoping to sleep in for a little longer but it's okay. I will fly home after school to rest, and also get things done. I foresee this week to be a extremely eventful and busy week. Not eventful as in I have a lot of dates, parties and coffee session but a lot to complete, a lot to do.

It's 12th & in 12 hours' time, O'level results would be released. I am so frikkin' scared for J. I really want her to do well. Even if she did better than I did, it's okay. I wanted her to, anyway. Good luck to all taking results tmr!!

Why is it that whatever I do, you never seem satisfied with it? And you never appreciate it. You never show, you never say it. I feel so useless, I feel like I'm doing all these because I'm the stupid one who wants to do all these for you. Even if you don't show it, why can't you a little nicer and not mean to me? Saying things that hurt 10x more isn't gonna help me in any way yknow.. I don't expect anything from you, I just need you to clear your head, think about it what is it that you want & stop your mean ways. You are not like that.

Finish E09 of 90210 & bedtime tata xx

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