Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I thought I was holding on, but my heart slipped away

One project down, yay
We're left with Naidu's video, Jailani's presentation and essay, double yay
Hooray for more time to rest and prepare for the big party!

J called while I was in school. Impromptu movie date with her at Cathay. How sudden.

We caught College.

M18, very sexual. But some parts are funny. Jemi's gonna watch it, I'm sure ;) HAHAHA guys should watch it, totally your kind of show ok guys. I kept going, "Ew. EWWWW! Omg this is gross shit!" to J. I hope those disturbing scenes are not gonna disrupt my sleep later. I need proper sleep tonight.

Why? Eight fucking thirty a.m class tomorrow.

Fuck :( but after class, I'm meeting C. Yay yay yay we're finally getting down to start up our shop again. Gonna go down to the supplier's place to choose the items so yay!

Should I get a new organiser? I'm wondering if I should though the current one is still pretty new but I want one for 09 & I don't know.. I want cute planner. Heh.

Kz Gossip Girl time!

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