Thursday, January 8, 2009

You shine so bright it's insane, you put the sun to shame

Sometimes it's necessary to reteach a thing, it's loveliness.

I'm gonna have to redo my new year resolution. I was not thinking hard enough when I was writing them, seriously. After I've written them, I'm having a lot of "I think I wanna add ______ to the list" which is so not cool. AT ALL.

The sweetest couple of the year has gotta be Deborah and Gabriel.
So. Effin'. Jealous. Cannot wait for them to get married, seriously. I will be meeting them soon, and they'll be meeting my family. Gab's doing a photoshoot for us so yay. Mom's wish is granted. All the fucking time but she doesn't appreciate. Why the hell am I going all out for someone again? One more to add to the list please.

Note to self: Must. Attend. Class. Tomorrow!!
No more excuses. Even if it pours heavily tomorrow, I am going to school.

Met Shim in the noon for quick lunch at Taka. We had lunch over at Mos. Just chit-chatting, gossiping & a bit of bitchings. After lunch, we headed down to Agnes B & I saw the bag I wanted! $225 only. I was expecting moreeeee. I want. I want. I WANT. I WANT!!!! Ok after CNY.

Do I really think with all the red packet money I'm gonna be rich? I should stop thinking so, before a huge fat disappointment comes in the way then I'm doomed. I hate disappointments.

Because they didn't have the padlock necklace in black, the one Shim wanted so they reserved one at Lido for her. I went to meet up with C while she headed down to Lido. She was frikkin' high, jumping and skipping get the picture huh.

So C & I met up & we went to the supplier's place. Surprisingly, in such a orbit chart chart store, we managed to dig out some pretty finds! The bag is damn nice I like the patent oneeeeee :( After that we went to walk around Bugis Street & I saw heels. I want. I am still thinking of the lace heels at Topshop. All day and night I've been thinking of you, heels. $99 is not worthy despite my truckloads of love and adoration for you. UGH

After walking around we went to Ya Kun & sat around to talk. Bumped into Pam & we all just randomly chit chat about boys and useless exes and almost perfect but not so perfect dates and dumber lovers. Her boyfriend came & she left with him. After Zen came to meet C, I left for home as well. Mom went to get medicine for me at the clinic 'cos I ran out of it already but was too preoccupied to go down to get more. Thanks mom :)

Yknow what? We're doing fine without you. I don't deny sometimes you appear in my head for the all the wrong reasons but I don't know. I no longer know who you really are.

Off to bed now, just so I wake up on time tomorrow. P/s: TGIF :) Goodnight! xx

So we were an accident, you'll always be my favourite one.

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