Saturday, January 10, 2009

I've held you a million times. & it still feels good

When it seems like you're breathing but you're already dead to me.

Today I will not procrastinate and do the following:
x do up the sale post
x decide which RL bag to get for CNY
x shop for a pair of decent heels and a dress
x do research for Jalaini's assignment
x edit photos, really need a nice photo to make my day
x mcwings mcwings mcwings please
x watch gg I finished already, waiting for E15 :)
x watch 90210 watching now!
x make payment for my online purchases by tonight
x party arrangements? hell lot to do really
x upload photos from yesterday
x do a little bit of revision? 3rd Feb is like really near &I don't wanna fail this sem

So much to do, so little time

Anyhooooos other than the weeping part, yesterday was a great Friday :)

Jemi & I made it to school! Well, at 10pm when yknow everyone's going break but whatever, the point is we made it there. Marc was alone so it was three of us. If I knew he was alone on Thursday, I'd have made it to school. So M, text me k next time!!!!

Suma's super duper annoying. We were not listening, just plain talking about people/friends & whatnots. After class, both of them went home while I went to J's place.

Honestly, it scares me, the way there was far more than familiar. The emotions were mixed. Should I say I'm happy or..sad? It makes me feel like the whole wanting to see you soon has never gone away. The sight of your face would just make me feel so relieved that I'm here already. When I got to the station, I couldn't breathe, I couldn't walk right. I never had to hold the railing so bad. My mind was twirling like a ballerina in her tutu skirt. I don't know what was wrong, am I supposed to feel this way?

He Ma & Little Hippo :D

We stayed at her place for awhile, just sat around rest for a bit before going for lunch & our movie. We took a bus down to Far East. Shopped a bit, told her about the supplier's place & all that. We weren't that hungry so we walked to Wisma & had lunch at FoodRepublic instead. We stayed there for quite some time, just plain talking about people generally. I told her things that I said I'd keep these thoughts to myself. Certain thoughts like these, I don't think it's necessary to tell anyone but sometimes it just annoys me so I let it out and the only person I feel this comfy telling to is her.

And there's probably someone else out there but I doubt they are interested to know my opinion. W/e w/e w/e w/e w/e

Once we are done, we walked down to Cine, checked but no suitable timings for the movie so we walked back to Plaza Sing. I went crazy on the way there. We were talking about Butch Hunt & I just started laughing hysterically when we were near Somerset train station. I got no idea why I did that but what J said was funny but that funny moment was over, I just had a lot of laughing gas in me so I just burst out laughing. So hard that it hurts, ok it is this bad!! But I like such moments. I mean, I was really laughing for the first time in awhile. Felt good. I like it.

Caught The Women! Gr8 show I love it :)

The slutty bitch

Towards the ending was really funny, I couldn't stop laughing. I don't mind watching it again! I haven't laughed so hard in awhile, really. J found the show really boring in the beginning but I like the show, honestly. I told Shim to watch it hahaha and the quotes from the show is really good as well. I've yet to find them though.

I felt so sick when I got reminded it was dinner time. Wth eat again!? After thinking for ages, we went to Suntec. Combed the entire place & settled in for PastaMania. Wtf we were like saying how we are gonna have something we didn't eat before 'cos we're always eating the same thing! In the end we're back at PastaMania.


And we talked a lot about me and my fears being so me. Something unchangeable.

I should not fear because people come and go. And I don't expect everyone who has been here for me to still be there when I need them. But when I say I'm always here, I meant it. I'd try to be there, no matter how messed up or busy I am, I will make time. Whether you're worth it or not as my friend. And once I've rejected you, I promise, I'd feel bad all my life & I would always remember every incident when I said no to you but forget every incident when you said no to me.

This is something I cannot change about me, this is me.

Yan called & we met up after dinner at Spinelli's @ The Heeren. Sat around, talked & etc. Felt really good all over again, after the depressing much talk we had over dinner about me being me.

Y: Then you wouldn't be here, this unhappy
G: True..but I wouldn't have met you, wouldn't have met the two girls
Y: Oh yeh huh..
G: There's always a good and bad side to everything

What made us best friends, Y? I wonder. Over such a short period of time, so much has taken place but right from the beginning, I don't want this friendship of ours to go to a others. So I cannot see us not being friends anymore. And I'm so glad you're coming to the party. Miss you bff <3

Headed home at around 12ish, got home washed up & got really messed up. What the hell is wrong with me. Ugh this is gonna get better, I believe. Ciao, gonna go watch 90210 now & update l8t tonight :)

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