Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My heart beats to the sound of unrest

I'm having a bad migraine right now, while trying to finish up Suma's 3k word essay. Almost impossible to finish it up tonight but who cares? I'm just gonna give it my best (not so) shot & submit it already. Dilla and Rubi's gonna ask if she would be kind enough to extend the deadline. I hope she is.

(Scene 1: whole family watching television at the living hall, then Marc came, the oldest son)

Marc: Dad, can I borrow the car this weekend?

Zellyn: Obviously not, I asked dad before you did and besides i need the car way more than u do.

Ash: Did dad agreed to your request? And let me guess, you need the car to carry all your shopping bags?

Zellyn: (gasp loudly) YOU!.. UGH!

Marc: (looking bored) Dad, just ignore them. So can I use the car?

Matt: Hold on! I need the car!

Dad : So what is your excuse?

Zellyn: Yeah! So what is your excuse? It better be a good one.

Matt: I'm going down to the airport. My friend from America is coming back this weekend and we'll be going out from there and with his luggage around will be inconvenient.

Ash: So now you’re his taxi driver?

Matt: Er.. NO? That is what friends do for each other. Like duhhh..?

Marc: (still looking bored, sarcastically) I think I’m invisible. The only time which you guys would notice me is when you all wanna fight with me over the car. Dad, answer me already!

Dad: OH, STOP IT! None of you gets the car, ok. I’m using it this weekend. Picking your mom up.

Mum: (smiles widely) Yes, I’m going to airport to do some shopping and yes, Dad is my taxi driver and Marc, my son, you are invisible because we just didn’t wanna disappoint you that we're using the car & you can’t have it this weekend.

Dad: (relieved) Final verdict! We'll drop you guys to your destination and that is final! Negotiation is over. Goodnight, children. (smiles and walk away)

The skit today turned out to be really weird. Whiskers-like mustache made of paper dad, bimbotic daughter & messed up sons. Lovely. But I like our skit, it was supposed to be funny but 'Dad' you forget your lines, so did you 'Mom'!! :( But it's okay. We had fun, I'm sure. Not the part when I was so nice, I bought donuts for everyone and got rejected..in the back, not in the face this time. Thank Jemi and Lulu for finishing them up for ya. But it's okay, really. :) I wasn't pissed or whatever, in fact I was quite happy today. Good mood, woke up on the right side of the bed you might wanna say.

But not quite now .
The migraine and body aches are pretty much killing me. I really need to take a break. :/ Been up early in the day, stay up late in the night. Killer. Time for me to start sleeping early. Especially with class at 8.30am? Omg I need rest + sleep!!

Kz proj now, blog l8r ^^

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