Thursday, January 22, 2009

Maybe you're the one who will complete me

It almost killed me, I survived the heartbreak & it made me stronger.

I woke up at 8am, really wanted to attend class but the mirgraine & backsore was killing me. I couldn't get up at all. I kept falling back to sleep after I've replied the texts. I gave up, gave school a miss (sorry girls!) & headed back into deep deep slumber which leads me into the longest dream about you.

Finally got up at 11am, prepared & left the house for manicure ^^ I was early, mom came half an hour later. I was done at 2.30pm, met J at 3pm then got my manicure ruined at 3.30pm. How fast, it was pretty for just an hour!! I fail, really. I tried to be as careful as possible, less clumsy but fail. Still fail. I shouldn't have nails at all.

I like the colour :) heh

Had late lunch at my favourite Kopitiam. Bak chor mee again :D After that we took a bus to Suntec City. J went for her interview & I stayed outside the office to wait for her.

She's inside with Miss P (inside joke)

The office don't look like an office at all. It looks more like a clinic!

The interview only lasted for about 15 minutes. It took lesser time than I expected. We went to shop but bought nothing. I'm on a real tight budget right now, after spending so much at the chalet & for the chalet. But it was worth it, I swear, I had so much fun I wish it was more than just one night!

J & I couldn't stop speaking of the last two days we spent together and the night of fun we had. :/ Miss everyone already, we should have a get-together another time :)

We both went back early to have dinner + tv + sleep.

I swear Zel's skin is about 4.5 inches thick. I am bloody hell freezing and she's telling me she's feeling hot!?!!!! Omg this is pure madness man and she refuses to let me turn down the temperature!! >:@

I realised this whole week I only went to school on Monday.
Note to self: I. Promise. I. Will. Attend. Class. Tomorrow.

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