Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Another night, another dream wasted on you

I'm home, safe and sound, happy and tired.

This morning, we were all dreading to separate. I don't know why but this chalet turned out to be what I did not expect, honestly. It turned out to be really good, we were clicking very well & all that. I'm so glad. But so very super damn extremely tired & sleepy. I'll jump into bed after this. No Grey's, no phone callz, no supper, no sitting around the void deck with someone special.

In the morning, Zoe cabbed over to my place to help me with the bags. Thanks babe! And she bought us all the jelly lens for the cell phone! :D Cuuuute. We then took a cab down to Downtown East, did the necessary check-in & met Shim & Jemi.

Ah some of the photos are with Zoe :( :( Tskk will have to wait 'til she send them over then I can upload :/

We went into the chalet, and decorated the room! Packed the food and all that. J the birthday bitch, Neha & Shirlyna came awhile after that. We all went out together, they went to get charcoal while we went to buy snacks heh heh ^^

Oki I'll let the visuals do the talking.

After that, the girls left for parents/boyfriend/friend :(
It was around 10.30pm, J &I went to do last minute shopping @ Cheers before they close for the day. After we came back..

Then they started 'jogging' - chasing each other, actually

 Still happy, after the 'jog'

Our mysterious friend came & we cut the cake!! It was like, 11.30pm.. :D

After 15 minutes, she is still not done.....
"Ahh, finally!"
Here comes the birthday trick ;)



After that, we sat around the benches to talkchatjokelaugh. @ 0130am, the lights went off suddenly& we screamed, what the hell I got a shock man! So we packed up, cleaned up & went back in.
We played 7up & got very bored. We were getting sleepy so we drinkdrankdrunk. Corona cannot help me stay alive & kickin' at all :( We also played Murderer, which was fucking awkward 'cos we kept looking at each other. Our mysterious friend kept wanting to be the killer, hahaha damn funny!
After that, it was time to open up the presents!
Milk bottle from Neha & Shirlyna
Lego lamp from Shim, Jemi & Zoe

We were all tired, and ran out of things to do. Got hungry but lazy to start fire. I offered to walk over to Mac's to get food for everyone but it was 3am the scary timing so I said later at 4am but guess what everyone fell asleep! HAHAHAH

I woke up at 8.30am suddenly. This hardly happens to me, so I guess I wasn't used to the bed or something. I washed up, packed my stuff & J woke up. Neha was next, then Shirlyna followed by our mysterious friend. The entire room reeked of bad otah smell :( 'Cos it turned bad, we forgot to put it in the fridge! Hell lot of food and drinks were wasted. My heart damn pain ok imagine the amount of money spent and how many people the amount of food wasted can feed!! :( :( I feel so bad, I still do..

We checked out & had Mac's breakfast! Sausage mcmuffin <3 Stayed there until about 10.40am & we cabbed back home.

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A BIG thank you to all those who made an effort to come!!
Though the spotlight's not on you but you made the party possible :)

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Hellooo, just wanna say.. the girl in the black Gucci Tee Shirt is soooooo hot, may I know what is her name? (:

June 24, 2009 at 12:09 AM  

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