Friday, January 16, 2009

I love you still, I know that doesn't matter

Sometimes I wonder what you're thinking,
And I ask you & you just look at me and say,
"We don't need words, because the look in your eyes is enough."
And I think you're right.
I still don't know what color your eyes are,
But I think you took everything beautiful & put them in there.

School was perfect. I managed to get there just in time for the second class. Zoe came, like finally bitches. So glad she's back in a piece! Shim broke her shoe on our way to school so she cabbed back home, get changed and went out with her mom to cny shopping.

Suma's gonna remember Marc forever, I'm sure. But then, thank God for him. He makes lesson less boring, more entertaining.

Suma: So who's an introvert?
M: (rise up his hands) ME!
Suma: Are you sure?
M: Yeh yeh I am (hides face in hoodie)
Suma: Are you shy?
Us: Oh yeh right sure he is shy man, bloody thick skin!
Suma: (laughs and walk away)

G: (reads from the magazine to Z) Tell someone how you feel today!!
Z: (tunes to M) Ok I love you
M: Ok I love you too

Marc and Jems got sweets and guess what? They drew on the sweet. Smiley faces. Marc drew a frown >:( face on his Mentos, Jems drew a smiley happy :) face on her Choco Mini.

Suma: (asks a question)
M: (rise up his hands with the Mentos and frown)
Suma: (walks over) What is the answer?
M: (frowning) This. Is the answer.

We camwhored quite a bit today so it's good :} Pictures are with Z in her new LG pinky flip phone. Belly cute :)

Abby, thank you :) It's nice to know that you really care, honestly. <3

After school today, Jems went off with her boyfriend while Z, M & I walked to the station, lepak at the platform. We sat there for about two hours, just talking, laughing, teasing & all that. Made me feel a lot a lot better. So we all went back only at 4ish, got home at 0530pm with Xav, my bastard ex-girlfriend, on the phone with me. Just chat, catch up and listened to her crap.

X: "Wow, you're nineteen already hor. So fast leh"
G: "Fast hor! You old already la, twenty-one already leh!"
X: "But in my eyes, you'll always be that little girl. It never changed"
G: "Aww" :)

She makes me feel better, all the time. Whether is it when she scolds me for not calling, for not asking her out, for not doing what told me to, for not heeding her advises, she will make me feel better.

Effective study skill workshop tomorrow at school, & I'll be there with Jems & Zoe :) Collecting my Eclipse book from Bugis! I managed to reserve one, heh heh heh.

I'm going to go watch 90210 now, I found the other episodes!!

That was 5 hours ago. Seriously, what the fuck do you fucking gain? Plain jealousy, huh, that I am still fucking happy? You're just sour, loser. And you, deserves to be called a fucked up bitch whether you like it or not.

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Blogger abby =) said...

LOL idk how ii managed to spot muai name hahaha. & uu're welcome :)

January 19, 2009 at 12:15 AM  

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