Sunday, January 18, 2009

You've been the only thing that's right in all I've done

Love is so simple. It's the way you understand me even if I can't, no matter how hard I try. It's how you know what I'll say before I can even manage out a syllable. It's in the way you hold me, hug me, kiss me, look at me, know me. It's the way you remind me I'm alive every day, without even knowing that is what you're doing. It's how I can look at you & every bad feeling I have ever had disappears faster than a bunny in a magician's hat. Love is knowing that even when worse turns into worst, you'll be right there by my side to help it be my best.

The voluntary event was fun. And also super very tiring. 6am mornings are definitely not my cup of tea. Met J 8am for Mac's breakfast. We were both pretty grumpy but the sight of each other kinda make it all better. At least we know we're not alone in this. At Mac's, there were at least twenty of them in the same tshirt as us. Coolio.

We were in Jocelyn's team, which also consists of Jac's ballet friends. Met four new friends! Jing Yi, Wei Hao, Kenneth & Brenda :) Jing Yi's bloody hell tall & long. Wei Hao's damn innocent looking. Both of them are in army..with the army haircut bloody cuuuute. We had sixteen of us squeezing in the van. Stuffy, smelly, tired, lack of oxygen.

This year, J & I bumped into the weirdest things. Dead rat, dead/almost dead/not dead cat lying on the beach chair at the corridor with no one in the house, big corridor with only one small cactus plant in the middle of nowhere. We collected lesser dry ration & canned food, covered lesser blocks as well. But this year was definitely better. At least we weren't the outcast!! And the guys are pretty nonsensical so yeh it was all good :)

After that, we went back to the hub & had lunch. Jing Yi was damn eager to leave so we left together after much discussion of who's gonna inform our in-charge -.- He kept sabotaging Wei Hao, super funny. In the end, Jing Yi became the man and did it. Hahaha

We wanted to change before we head down to town but long queue so we went town first. I swear, today felt like a day of unfortunate events. We were at Wheelock Place & we bumped into ______ which wasn't so nice & right up 'til now, I can't say I'm safe or out of trouble already. J was helpful, wanted to keep safe so we both stayed at the train platform until 4ish then we went for dinner at Plaza by the Park's Kopitiam for bak chor mee ^^ After dinner, J walked me to Dhoby Ghaut train station & we went on our separate ways.

Photos are with J, we're both "passing away" already so she'll send me tomorrow. 830am class tomorrow, dammit :( I don't know if I should attend or should I just stay home, super tired! Decide later. I'm gonna watch a bit of Grey's & go to bed. Buay tahan already xoxo goodnight!

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