Friday, February 6, 2009

I presume if I did not think, I would be happier

Hazy (featuring William Fitzsimmons) - Rosi Golan

What if I fall & hurt myself, would you know how to fix me?
What if went & lost myself, would you know where to find me?
If I forgot who I am, would you please remind me?
Oh, cause without you things go hazy

My current earworm. I couldn't find it anywhere. Limewire sucks. Merl just recommended me to use eMule instead. Looks good but wtf ok takes damn long to connect and download! And now, cannot use. Why? Because no damn server to connect nb how to download songs!! :( And btw what's wrong with imeem!?

Stay home Friday afternoon, what did I waste my time with?
Camwhore (hehe)
Write notes for tdmc
Cleared my messy drawers
On the phone with J
Figure the Pet Society cheat (effin' lame ok bff thanks to you!!)
Search for new songs but to no avail
Chat with C over IM

By the way bff, I think you'll like that song too. Go listen to it okayyyy. (L)

Watching movie with J and her sis later at Causeway Point. Gonna watch the Hong Kong movie, All's Well Ends Well 2009. (Fuck a fucking bird just flew past the window it looked so close I got a shock!!!!) Fucking hate birds ughhhh ew!

Mom, can we stop already. I'm so sick and tired of it. I don't know how to keep us together anymore. I don't know how to keep pretending like I am okay with the arguments we get into everyday. I cannot pretend to be happy, to act like yes we're a very happy close knitted family when we are not. The distance between us, the more I try to come close, the further away we are. I no longer know if we are still called family. Do you still want us together? I'm not strong enough for this but I know I need to be strong for myself, for you all.

I hope this storm will blow by really soon mom, I can't take it anymore..

Something not so depressing, overdue photos!

 Topshop Private Event 2009
I look fucking excited and wtf @ my fringe not being in place :(

B&J's luv 
The mineral water we got from the event so cute ^^
Adore my shoesssss

x x x

That Sunday I spent with my two all-time favourite people.
Late night at Far East 
While waiting for bff to knock off

I'm gonna make everything nice nice pack my messy study table sit in the living hall watch telly wait for mama to come home so we can have dinner cos papa is away, not home for dinner with us tonight after dinner grab my bag spray Escada vain a bit and off to meet the ng sisters. I will blog tonight oteh with photos of Zetaime and Jenae heh heh. OK BAI xoxo

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