Wednesday, February 4, 2009

For the first time in such a long long time, I know I'll be okay

I gave up completely on.. SBS. Did not write any notes, read a little, flipped and all. I am prepared to fork out $30 for the supp paper. Argh I don't know ok, but I will read up more later after this.

Shim, I'm addicted to the canto song you sent me. Again. Yes all over again! Hahaha luv u Sailormoon :>

Calculated my ang baos collection this morning before going down to the bank. Economy bad = ang bao collection also bad

About $7xx

Last year was very close to 1k! Sigh this is bad man. If only these money are for keeps, free never-ending flow.... Fuck it I gotta keep $330 aside for MDIS ngikhekgjsk the money to remodule & supp paper bleah!

Miss Zetaime came over in the evening with her parents to pass us the presents they got us during their trip to Hongkong :) Very very adorable little miss.

Poor girl with swollen lower eyelid!

There's more with Zel haha but she just refuses to send them to me stupid girl ugh.

Zel went to dig out some old photos in the evening 'cos her classmate showed her today that she was her kindergarten classmate hahah so cute. And she found two of my very memorable class photos.

PAP Ang Mo Kio, Kindergarten 2, 1996

TVPS, Class of 3F, 1999


Mr Affendy and Miss Chia's like the best teachers everrrrrrr they are so cute seriously I even thought they were together!?! But when I went into the staff room, I saw his wife's photos on the table then I'm like, oh they are not, cheh! I still remember our flooding class buffet haha it was helluva fun!

I kinda wished we all stayed in contact. I wished I hadn't left without word :(

I spoke to Yuen Tuck over MSN, only to find out that Demin passed away last year. He was drowned at Sentosa. I wasn't close to him then but it's so heartbreaking still. I cannot imagine how his family would be like and all that.. Rest in peace Demin, you'll be in our memories <3
Then I was also telling Yuen Tuck that I wanna look for Benjamin Tan Khoon Siong, Melvin Chan Mun Keong, Nicole Ong Shi Ning & Michelle Fok Yan Ping! Hahaha we had a effing strong bond okkk so I was close to relatively everyone heh how fun!

SA: Ok that was nice of you, really. We all deserve to be happy, ay? And thanks for the luck, I really need it for tomorrow's paper seriously hahaha. You can talk to me about anything yknow haha anyway no one knows you here so, yeh. Only if you're comfortable!
Van: Yes yes not so silent already la you hahaha luv luv :> see you sooon ok babe!
Anon1: Whoa thank you :)
Anon2: Ignore them, let them say whatever they want ok :)

Ok I'm off. Read sbs + prepare for tomorrow + sleep. Bai!

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Anonymous wenna said...

OMG!!! everyone look so toot then! haha! man really miss those times lah. I rmb we're the champion for sport day that year. haha!

February 5, 2009 at 9:42 PM  

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