Thursday, February 5, 2009

If this script called for liars, you'd play the lead

SBS paper sucks okay, don't ask about it anymore. I finished it in half an hour.

After the paper, J came to school to pick me and we walked to the train station. Jemi went back home while we took a train to Somerset. We went Cine to have lunch at Long John Silver.

Caught Bride Wars after that!

I like her outfit in this scene very nice!
I like Kate Hudson's Vera Wang dress

Great show, funny and all. :) Worth the watch!
There's a lot of movies that I wanna watch :( bleh Changeling, Valkyrie, Rachel Getting Married, The Curious Case of Benjamin Burton, Last Chance Harvey, The Other End Of The Line, He's Just Not That Into You, Role Models, New In Town, Marley & Me, Hotel for Dogs, Revolutionary Road and i cannot remember all la but I know there's a lot a lot a lottttttt

We went Kino and got Breaking Dawn ;) Heh. Finally!! Went to Cotton On to see if they got the new shoes in already or not. I cannot wait for it to be in seriously heh I'm gonna go Cotton On Body and buy the sexy lingerie very very nice, super cuuuute heh.

After that we took a train and J sent me home. I suck at the stupid GTA game seriously :(

With three hours of sleep, I actually managed to survive for 12 hours and at 6ish, I fell flat on the bed & went straight into slumber. Skipped dinner, woke up and watched telly. Now I'm still feeling sleepy...

Wenna: Yessss haha we're gonna plan a get-together soon go go go join Facebook!! :D

Ok bye I'm on the phone with J now, gonna play Facebook games later xx

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey there glynis i can't believe i actually missed a day of not readin' your blog! was so caught up with stuffs ytd!

i am sorry to hear your paper didnt go well, it will all be alright as long as you did your best =)

its always relievin' to hear about your day and i pray, things will always go your way.


February 6, 2009 at 3:03 AM  

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