Sunday, February 8, 2009

Maybe I was stupid for telling you goodbye

Fuck my head is hurting so bad I don't know why. I took out the headband already but it is still hurting!! Just not so bad anymore but it sucks that it is so painful, I cannot stand it. I wanna study for TDMC's paper on Tuesday so I can rest while I memorize the whole of tomorrow but this migraine came at the fucking wrong time ugh!!!!!

Because I'm quite annoyed now, I will tell you a few things:
1. I hate people who do not bother to reply to texts.
2. I hate people who do not reply in MSN and goes idle for 15 minutes, come back reply and go back to idle for another 15 and the cycle continues. And when asked if they are busy, they replied they are not. Oh whoa.
3. I hate people who look for me only when they need me. Whoa, do I look like a doormat to you now!?
4. I hate people who IMs me and tell me their whole life story and I am not supposed to voice out my opinions or tell you about mine. So the whole entire convo is about you & you alone.
5. I hate people who cuts in and talk about something else when I am in the midst of talking about something. Something + something else = NOT THE SAME TOPIC
6. I hate people who tries to boast in an indirect kind of way OMG WOULD YOU JUST SHUT UP ALREADY!?!!!

Ok I need to calm down it's making my head worse.

Caught The Wedding Game today with the family.


I've always liked Fann Wong, since I was a little girl. I remember telling mom once that I wanna be like her. Pretty, tall and an actress. I don't know why but right now I definitely do not wanna be like her. Right then when I told mom, I didn't know what disadvantages are there being an actress/public figure, how crazy is it to deal with the people you work with and the crazy papparazi.

The show was pretty okay. We entered the threatre half an hour late 'cos I booked the tickets at Cineleisure instead of AMK Hub :/ Ugh my bad! I will be watching it again anyway heh heh I already told J I would watch it with her.

After the movie, we walked to Cathay and had dinner at 99c sushi. I didn't eat much 'cos just before we head out for movie, I cooked instant noodles. I swear I am so going to suffer from hair loss hahah. This is the second or third time in the week I am having instant noodles. All because I am lazy to go down to buy food and wanna save money :D

And I am hungry now hahahaha hm should I eat somthing..

Oh thanks, the GTA game is pissing me off!! I've been stucked at the mission boomshine blowout for 3 days and it's my 10th (or maybe 11th? maybe 12th?) time playing it and I still cannot cannot CANNOT accomplish the damn mission!!!!

I shall go to the kitchen, find something light to eat and go to bed. I need to study for Tuesday's paper and also go down to the doctor's. Asthma attack three nights in a row is no joking matter. If I die, will you miss me? HAHAHAHAHA I know you won't so shut up okay fucker goodnight!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

please do not talk about death glynis! asthma attacks can be severe and havin' 3 at one go is really not a laugh it off matter. please consult a doctor and have your medicine on time!

was really busy on the weekends, caught the game plan too. no offence to fann wong, i do like her but you dont have to be like her, or anyone else, just be yourself cos ppl love you for who you are. just like i do.

sleep well and if you still have upcomin' papers, wishing you good luck here!

with love,

February 9, 2009 at 4:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eh, dont die leh. Then I cannot be silent reader alr. See, I damn nice right. Hee. Good luck for ur examssszzzzz.

Varron the GREAT. B)

February 9, 2009 at 4:11 PM  
Anonymous wenna said...

take care yo! anw I added you in facebook alr :D

February 9, 2009 at 8:58 PM  

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