Saturday, February 7, 2009

You can't have my love, 'cause it don't belong to you

The worse form of torture is hope.

So I'm not giving myself any kind of hope anymore. From now on it shall be hopeless. It is not that I am giving up on you but I just have doubts that we'd ignore all the indifference and the million and one issues we have on hand to deal with right now to spend some alone, you and me time together.

I wanna dream about you tonight. This simple wish, grant it, won't you?
Because in my dreams, I am right where I want to be. And that's next to you, nowhere else.
Just you and me.

I'm turning in early tonight because..just because the eye bags are getting heavier than ever. Late sleepless miss you nights are torturous yet so pleasing sometimes, with you on my mind. Goodnight homies <3

P/s: A, I hope things are better now. Cheer up yeh. I am still wondering if you can help me on Saturday. My happiness is in your hands!!!! (L)

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