Saturday, February 7, 2009

Something in your eyes, is saying you can ease my heartache

Just got home not too long ago. I'm tired, my eyes are, actually but I cannot go to sleep with my stomach so bloated. Sometimes I really having supper but I luv supper. Not the food but the time spent and the people I'm with.

When he asked me if I was single or attached, I didn't think and said, "Single, but not interested." I don't know what am I trying to say, or what was it supposed to mean but I am really not interested. Not him. Not now. I guess I know what I want this time. Not him. Definitely not.

We caught All's Well Ends Well 2009 :)
Nice show. I missed the beginning 'cos I was late. Sorry loves!!

After the show, we went to civic center for supper at Mac's.

Look at those limited edition Gucci eye bags tsk tsk :(

We stayed there for quite long. Talked, ate and all. After that we all left for the interchange, took bus and went back home. Phew, another day. Weekends are here. Before I know, it's gonna be over really soon :(

SA: Haha you are so sweet, you just put a smile on my face at this omg unearthly hour hahah now that the weekends are here, it's time to relax ay? Haha have a great weekend!

I'm going to stay home the whole of tomorrow, family dinner in the evening. The same for Sunday. And probably Monday too. Vday is almost here ^^ and 1) I've not make reservations at the hotel yet :| Damn lazy 2) I've not paid for the gifts for the girls so that they can be shipped over! DAMMIT I must get it done later. 3) I haven't thought of what to wear errrr okay it does not seem like a big problem but I guess it is to me 4) OK SLEEPY BYE NIGHTS :3

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