Monday, March 9, 2009

If only I could go back to losing sleep with you, instead of losing sleep over you

wtf @ me waking up at 7am in the morning only to realise that class starts at 12.15pm today. I couldn't get any sleep, my neck and back is aching quite bad so I end up having a good breakfast and came here. Grey's, update, blog-hop, twitter

Waking up early is good, I guess. Tonight I will be so damn tired I will sleep early. Or I will pop a pill at 10pm and head to bed. This week's gonna be a good week! Tomorrow bff will be coming over. I will probably do project work while she bitch whine gossip to me. Wensday I've got class with bff which means thrift shopping or my place. Thursday will be a 20-minute long consultation regarding the project with Mr Yeo at 10.50pm. Friday is all for my girlfriend, so is Saturday. No plans for Sunday yet but family, definitely.

I foresee this week to be a good week! Picnic this weekend, love? ^^

Loneliness or solitude?

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