Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Waking up without you is like drinking from an empty cup

I don't want to :(
Time of the month and the cramps are seriously killing me. So are the backaches. I hate it. For the next few days, people around me just gotta bear with my complains and whining. So much for being a girl!

Results aside, I hope everyone else did well for dip term 1 :) don't ask me about mine ok I did just as bad. Fuck it. Studied so hard and this is what I get. Karma, much? Oh but I sure wanna know how well you fare, especially after looking at how smart you appear to be all the time in class. Hm, I really wonder.

So I prepared in an hour today and left the house as soon as I was ready to go. An hour. Amazing. Okay because I didn't put much make up on since I'll be over at B's crib the entire day. It started pouring heavily when I left the house. Luckily I brought my jacket out ^^

When I got to B's crib, she was trying to play the movies I downloaded but there were errors so I laid on her bed and unknowingly I fell asleep. I told cha!! When I woke up, her mom made us lunch :) Nasi Lemak, yum!

Webcam fun again :)

The errors were not resolved :( I tried playing in the desktop before I transfer them into my hard disk but it doesn't work on her desktop. Hm something's wrong. Desktop's throwing tantrum again, tsk tsk. Since we couldn't watch movie, so we surfed the net, blog-hopped, camwhored and played Sims. I want Apartment Life :( got bored, wanted to watch Grey's but B nagged at me for being sooo addicted to the show & not sleeping early :x we ended up lying on the bed, just talking about the past few days that we spent the least time together. She told me about her dreams. B's dreams are really weird, by the way. All sorts of impossible things take place in her dreams.

Left her place at about 4ish to avoid the extra surcharge. Cabbed back home. Washed up, showered & rest on the bed. Really tired. The cramps are killing me. The backaches. Omg have mercy on me prease.

There's actually gifs from the webcam photos we took today but I won't throw B's face all over the net hahaha it is really hilarious we laughed at the gif for a good five minutes! There were at least three, so that made us laugh for fifteen minutes! It is still hilarious hahahah now that I look at it

Really feeling very unwell :( go away cramps go away backache I hate y'all. I'm gonna rest now. I hope to make it to class tomorrow. Goodnight!

P/s: Jems mi iz harpie you got brog naoz (",) HAHAHA dotcha luv the emoticon

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

well i see that your day with her went well! sweet happy pics =) don't worry too much about your results, as long as you tried your best. everybody has somethin' they are good at and i am sure you have too =) study hard and you can do it.

drink some warm water the cramps will get better, love. rest well =)

with love,

March 4, 2009 at 2:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, whats the font you use in your photos?

March 4, 2009 at 9:30 PM  

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