Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I should've been trying to prove that you were all that mattered to me

Gave school a miss to rest at home. The pain was unbearable. I stayed in bed until 11pm. I forced myself to get up. I really wanna get things done, that's why.

Today was well-spent, despite the pain. I did a lot of what I always wanted to do when I have time at home. It helped to distract me away from the pain. Well, I doddled on my organiser for a start. Pinpointed all the important dates so I wouldn't forget. Also wrote what I did for the past week ^^ I watched a little of Grey's. Had lunch with mom, and a very long talk. Mailed out all the packages. Watched Grey's again while talking to bff over MSN. Downloaded the movie Because I Said So, watched a little & moved on with Grey's. (Very addicted, I know) Watched Ellen! Called bee after that since we can't text much. We spoke for 45 minutes before I went for dinner with mom.

DID I JUST SEE THAT THE RED JUMPSUIT APPARATUS IS COMING TO DOWNTOWN EAST!?!!!! OMG ME WANT ME WANT is anyone gonna be nice and treat me to the concert ^^ I'll be grateful!

Don't you just love Made Her Think & CCSkye?

I'm playing with Polyvore. So bored :( I'm gonna go watch Grey's while waiting for bee to be done with her search of her cert. She's gonna register for school tomorrow! Yay and she's gonna come pick me after that for lunch. Gonna have lunch at Plaza by the Park :D Bff will/might be coming over to my place in the noon. Yay I like to plan my days.

So really, why did Chris Brown beat Rihanna? Watch the video!!

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