Thursday, March 5, 2009

I've been waiting all this time to be, something I can't define

I would do anything for another day like this. Today was.. great. School was fun, mainly because "Spiderman was here" & the tissue paper story. Not forgetting, Jems & I had lunch together at the jungle Mac's near school. Long since just the two of us had lunch together, long since we all had lunch together...

In class, Sherman took a piece of tissue paper from me and after a while, he gave this to me...

Seriously it is a neverending story about tissue paper. Nothing but tissue paper. Thanks ah Sherman -.- The best thing of it all this, he wants this to remain anonymous but at the back of this tissue paper, he wrote, "Thanks for the tissue paper, Glynis! - Sherman" OH SURE ANONYMOUS HUH

Chicken McNuggets student meal. Slack a bit ah diet plan. Hm, feels good ^^ Once in a while is okay but not overboard. I know my limits!

During noon class, Shimmy came <3 !!! Long since I last saw her :) and she gave me this!

How adorrrrrrable :)

It's a key holder/chain! So cute, we all have one. It's hanging with the rest of my keys and iB device now heh. Thanks Shimmy, I hope you like what I got you!!

Then, "Spiderman" came and..

This was what he did with his "webs". He actually bothered to left a note. Um-hmm, written in red. You don't need to ask who did this, seriously. Just think who would have strings/threads (as webs) in his bag?? We couldn't stop laughing. M was being an asshole as he always is and he kept disturbing Jems with whatever they talked about or whatever Jems mentioned to him. But it was funny and really cracked me up.

After class, I went to find bee at the reception area. She did her registration while we talked and all that. It was taking quite a while so I asked them to leave first. Went over to SSC to look for her. It was filled with students! Like always. Left after awhile. We had nowhere to go so we went back to my place to grab a bite at Mos before heading back.

15 pieces butterfly prawns + ice milk tea = LOVE (L)

Dead tired. I'm gonna go rest now. Sorry but reply to comments in the next post, maybe? And anons, please be nice to others. No vulgarities pleaseeeeee you know who you are. I deleted your comments so stop trying to look for it okayyyyyy goodnight everyone TGIF!

My day was almost perfect, how about yours?

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