Friday, March 20, 2009

Your love's like rain on a tin roof, the sweet song of a summertime storm

Thank God weekends are here. Time for me to take a break. Haven't slept well in a while :/ I keep waking up every hour, I don't know why. Really sucks to be me!

Anyhoos yesterday bff surprised me with mcmuffin!!

Sanks you bff, i iz heart you the most (L)
Because I was craving for it and we didn't have time to get breakfast so she bought it for me ^^ sanks you again bff heh heh.

School was..good. NOT THE PART ABOUT YOU GUYS DIGGING MY INBOX OK WTH seriously you guys hahaha more like licking old wounds, no? But I'm sure it is all very good :) bff kept going 'are you gonna cry omg are you gonna cry?' I'm like no no no no no I am not hahaha it is really all good no lies!

After school, bb came to pick me and with bff, we went thrift shopping!!

This place really sucks :( bought nothing, saw nothing that I like either. So we left and took a bus to town instead. Went to Far East and had Slice again!!

Bff's :)
Ours :)

I must have Breakfast in Bed the next time we go Slice. It looks damn good omg cornflakes, rainbow rice and chocolate sauce. Looks yummy :)



After that we took the train to Dhoby Ghaut for dinner, while bff went home for dinner.

Dinner at 99c sushi :)

Whoa 99c was busywusy. A lot of people dining there on a Friday evening. The group of guys behind happens to be bb's secondary school mates! A group of smarty pants, really. They all look smart. Can tell they are the A class people.

Bumped into Yvette and her friends after dinner while walking around. We took a train back home and had ice-cream at Mac's :) I was home early to watch the 9pm show on Channel 8.

Family gathering tomorrow at Aunt's, out with bb on Sunday. I really need to rest and since tomorrow I don't have to be there early, I can finally sleep in. Yay!

P/s: Happy 4th to Shim & Lh :) <3

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