Sunday, March 15, 2009

But my one last regret is that the two of us never felt so right

I had a great weekend. Other than the fact that I get migraines so often I wanna kill myself. Like the one I'm having now omg I hate it why is it always me :( After doing a bit of research for the project, I went to lie on the bed for half an hour but it is not getting any better.

Oh not to mention, this weekend completely ruined my diet plan. Cha su ramen, ayam penyet, lemon chicken, corona chicken cutlet rice. I'm so dead. Whatever I did for the past two weeks is ruined. And $5 budget plan is ruined as well. I've not calculated how much I spent this week but mom said nothing when I told her I bought this, this, this, this, this and this. Good sign. She called just now to ask if I needed her to buy me anything. Wow mom kool ballz.

On Saturday I met the girlfriend at Dhoby Ghaut and we took train over to Orchard. Had ayam penyet for lunch at Far East!

Yummy ayam penyet!
Enjoying her food hahaha she love it :)

I didn't finish the chili as usual, but she did!! She even took mine -.-

After that we walked over to Lucky Plaza. Wanted to check out some stuff but ended up buying a tester for Escada's new perfume and also bought a screen protector for the new compact camera I'm using now! Then we headed down to Cine & got a pair of tickets for Hotel for Dogs :)

Ah pretty :)
The car is damn cute!!

We wanted to watch Marley & Me but tickets were only left with first row so we picked Hotel for Dogs instead which was pretty good! The dogs were so adorable!!!!! I was so excited hahaha good laugh as well, some parts. Worth the time & money to watch this :)

Cannot wait to watch Marley & Me!!

After that we went to walk around at these two places Taka & Wisma. The girlfriend was hungry so we went to FoodRepublic for prata :)

Awesome prata!

I wanna bring her to RK House some time soon. Really soon. I love the prata there! Mom kept saying that that place sucks and blahblah but I love it there. Stingray, satay, roti john @ chompchomp too! Omg I'm hungry now :(

It was about 6ish so we seperated ways. I took a train down to Harbourfront and met the rest there for dinner. The dinner function was held at Dragon Boat Restaurant at Harbourfront Center.

Cold dish (which I really hate)
Shark's fin-like soup?? :/
Rhys, getting his bursary
Zetaime babygirl!!

Uncle Jiawei & (I don't remember her name)

This sweetheart was so adorable, mocking how they do the hands gestures on stage :)



The flower was supposed to be for the performers but hahaha I just took one and put it behind my ear. It sure does look familiar......does it not? Hmm...

Dad didn't drive so Uncle Jason sent us home. Got home at around 12. These are the things I got this week. There's more, mostly online purchase but I forgot to take pictures of them.


The Juicy Couture fan they gave out on the streets
The eye mask from Cotton On

And the tester perfume!

Today, I..
x did research for ASEP & did some writing
x watched Grey's
x had corona chicken cutlet rice for lunch
x had satay for dinner
x ate a lot :(
x bought Famous Amos No Nuts Chocolate Chip cookies! Thanks mom :)
x read Breaking Dawn
x found out that Christy Yow was the one who sang that song
x missed bee a lot (who did not bother to text me at all hmph!)
x watched The Notebook and cried like mad but not as mad as P.S. I Love You
x am very happy that mom bought me a gold bangle when she was out with dad today! I guess she still don't know how packed and messy my box of bangles is....shhhh I don't want her to find out either!
x intended to read my magazines but forgot about them :/
x planned to sleep early

I will be in class alone tomorrow. Goddamn it :( Jems is unwell, Shim has gotta work, Zoe got an inflammed eye. Get well soon lovelies!! I will go to class no more skipping! Goodnight for now :)

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