Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'll never let this love fall in the middle through it all

School was.. retarded today. Really. Bff & I went into class for about 10 minutes just to copy notes, check the attendace and went off. Jems, bff & I took bus to Vivo City for lunch and quick shopping!

We had lunch at FoodRepublic. It was pretty empty when we were there as it wasn't lunch time yet.


I feel like eating the chicken cutlet from school. The one at FoodRepublic is not good enough to satisfy my crave for chicken cutlet hehehe!

Did quick shopping for Jemi's boyfriend's birthday present & headed home after that. I was supposed to meet A & Y but no one texted to say anything.... :( Our meet up fail all the time guys!! When i got home...

Mom: I thought you said you'll be late?
G: Yeh but there's tutorial A and B so I went for A, I don't have to attend B
Mom: Er okay whatever. Had lunch?
G: Yeh I did. You meeting Aunt Shirley later right?
Mom: She's coming over. Now.
G: Okay good I'm going to nap for awhile
Mom: But she's coming over now leh
G: Yeh I know but I buay tahan already I really have to nap mom my eyes are closing!!

While that conversation took place, I was removing my accessories, a quick wash up & by the time this conversation ended, I was on my bed, feeling all dreamy & comfortable :)

The noise from living hall woke me two hours later. They arrived just awhile after I'd fallen asleep. Haha Jenae was so adorable. When she saw me, the first thing she did was open her arms, asking me to carry her. They just got back from Hong Kong and Aunt bought me a nice bracelet, sanks you i love it!! :D

It was early and there's nothing we can do at home so mom suggested that we go over to the mall. Burger King first, then to the library where I had brownie with vanilla ice-cream (L) with a lot of cookbook, beauty books & also 'Things to do when you're single again'. Though I'm not single again nor single, the books actually suggested a lot of things to do during free time. It's not like I have a lot of free time on hand but who knows, when I'm done with diploma, I would have a lot of free time to spare!

The cutsie princess :)


Believe it or not, she's a coffee addict. I like how she says coffee. She goes 'ko-phee!' And phee in a higher pitch. Cute or what? I love her :)

I brought her to sit on this kiddy ride. She was scared at first but when she realised it isn't moving, it is not gonna move either, she got comfortable and refused to get out. :@ I had a hard time convincing her to get out of that bloody car! If it's not for food, I don't think she will come down. I just went, 'Mum-mum (food), you want? We go library, read books and mum-mum?' & she just looked at me and said, 'bao-bao!' which means carry.

Uncle came later to our place for dinner. Feels good to see everyone at our place again ^^ I hope aunt comes over more often with the kids for dinner. I love having them around. They stayed until about 10pm and went home.

I'm on the phone with bb now :D discussing what we should do/have this weekend!! Haha a little too excited but we've been dying to try new food, new places. Sick of sticking to the same place or restaurants we go to all the time. Ivin's for Nonya, Lemongrass for Thai, Bi Feng Tang for Hong Kong cuisine, Hog's Breath for steaks or No Signboard Seafood for crabs & prawns? Fickle-minded, indecisive :(

I like that we're making plans. Ditch those friends, they are not worth it. We both know that well enough, no? You have me, you have me for all time, ling. You can rely on me, fo'sure :) We're gonna have better days, a lot a lot of better days. I love you, sweet one, goodnight.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

i see qtpie lol so q !

March 19, 2009 at 12:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

shut up anon

March 19, 2009 at 12:45 PM  
Anonymous x said...

look who is the anonying betch calling her a betch

March 19, 2009 at 12:49 PM  

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