Monday, March 9, 2009

I would have left you with heart-shaped bruises to show how much I really cared

My headache is still not subsiding after taking a nap. I was thinking if it's the rain that caused the pain. I remembered bee telling me that whenever she get caught in the rain, she will get bad headaches.

I'm a hopeless case. I asked bff and bee to think of severe, life threatening consequences that I have to face if I do not go to school for a valid enough reason (ie., sick/fever & etc). Bee said she will call mom. Don't say it is impossible. She have her ways and I believe she will do it even if it gets me into trouble but it makes me learn. Bff said she will ask bee not to talk to me for a week :x I will go to school okay!!

I rushed home just in time for Ellen. Guess who was on the show!!

Aw cute :)

Eric Dane, plays as Dr. Mark Sloan in Grey's Anatomy!
Frikkin' hot doctor, seriously. Like what Ellen said, "he brings hotness to this seat" ;) Luckily I managed to rush home for Ellen hahah cannot miss this one out!

Ellen & Fall Out Boy sing "Womanizer" in the Bathroom

Anyway today I finally managed to get back my stuff from baby 'cos I left them with her over the weekend. My ezlink was with her unknowingly as well. Tsk tsk must be more mindful in future! Sorry baby, I promise I will go to school everyday from today. Even if I'm so sick that I'm gonna die, I will crawl to school no matter what :) luv u!

Spot the differences on Facebook, Grey's & off to bed. Bee is making me turn in early. Good sign :) Even if I hate doing so, I love you for that darling. <3

P/s: bff is coming over tomorrow!
P/p/s: sorry, i will reply to the comments ok i promise! meanwhile, no fighting no arguments prease keep peace!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello love, i don't know the reason why aren't you goin' to school, but please try your hardest cos i hope you'll pass this term with flyin' colours. don't want you to be upset with yourself over your results. just try your best aight? =)

regardin' the headache, probably is the lack of sleep that is causin' that. don't get drenched in the rain. s'pore weather is cocked up nowadays.

take care of yourself love.

with love,

March 10, 2009 at 12:46 AM  

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