Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Give me, just one part of you to cling to

Leaving you alone to let your thoughts run wild
And me here, attempting to write in the hopes to make you feel better.

I know by telling you that I am here with you, ready to walk this through with you anytime whenever you are ready, it is not helping. Not at all. From what I can tell, it makes you feel worse. Asked to be left alone, and I did.

These issues that you are worried about, they would never go away until things make a turn and be better. I cannot say that it will not happen overnight because certain things would just change when you least expect them to. I know it is tough, we all would take some time to get used to this. We may not be as carefree as before but there is one feeling fo' sure that wouldn't change. My happiness. With you, anywhere, any occasion, under any kind of circumstances, I will be happy. Bread and rice wine, dirty used flip-flops, chips and rented movie and couch potato, cheap sales and discounts, coffee shops and food court, a not-so-luxurious life - all of these, with you, I will still be very, very happy. Because it is with you, the one that I am in love with, the one that I hope is as much in love with me too.

Deep down inside of me I know how tough this is and I totally understand all that we're about to go through but baby, I may whine once in a while, I may also complain. When I do, have a little patience with me. Lend me your ears, be a good listener. I do so not to irritate you further or pressurize you more, please understand. Because there is no one else who would be more willing than you are to listen to my woes. There is also no one else that I would want to have them listening to me, pouring my worried sick heart out to them, knowing they not only do not understand, they also can't do anything to help me at all.

But most importantly, darling, I am not scared. In fact, I am ready. I am more than willing to go through this with you anytime. The only thing that brings fear is you giving up. You are slowly giving up even before we've started this. Don't, please.. I need you to be strong enough to go on..for me. Will you, please?

Believe me baby, things will be just fine.
I have you and more importantly, you have me for all times.

I love you Jvern, wholeheartedly.
Please remember that..

P/s: And it is not okay to say that you are okay when you are completely not. Don't do that to me. It kills me even more.
P/p/s: School was fun, having bff over was better :) mom really likes her, I can tell. goodnight all!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

omg damn sweet can! everything will be alright in a while. dont need to have luxurious life or expensive gifts to be happy, just by being tgt, its what that matters most.

dont give up k bff (L)

March 11, 2009 at 12:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

its very sweet. really very sweet that of you to blog this whole post for jvern. i wish she feels the love that i felt. i don't know what's wrong but love will lead the both of you across all obstacles.

you have my listenin' ear still, love. i'm still here everyday, without fail, reading your posts. why didn't you update? look forward to all my tags, if it cheers you up and makes you smile.

i wish i can do somethin' to help.

with love,

March 13, 2009 at 12:27 AM  

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