Monday, May 25, 2009

I don't miss you, but I miss who you used to be

Bloody sick, fever, nose, cough, throat
Han's for lunch
Shopping @ FEP
Bought a dress
Bb bought a Topman cardigan
Pasir Ris MRT, walked to Downtown East
Reminded me of bb's 20th birthday chalet, so much fun we had
Went to Corinne's 21st birthday celebration bbq!
So honored to be invited ^^ hope you like the dress, C! Enjoy yourself at BKK :)
Stayed 'til about 10ish
Walked to White Sands, took 89 back home

Happy birthday, ah meow//meowlyn//m//act one van der Woodsen :)

Home all day
The Hills & CJ7 kept me busy
So glad Kay Kay won S factor!!

Shenae Grimes on JustJared

You'd know her as Annie Wilson if you watched 90210. I don't get it why people hate her so much on the show. I thought she was quite likable! And rumors said that she's gonna turn into a bad girl in 90210 S2. She's been a goody good two shoes for way too long. Some drama for Annie! I like her pair of lace leggings, so pretty.

Taken from:

Seeeeeeriously, Raffles Hotel??? I wonder what 'Slut' this is. Food or whatever it is. I really wanna know. Damn kpo!

School's starting next week and I happily spent the entire (almost) two weeks break lazing at home. Job-hunting just now. Sent out my resume at least more than 10x!! I'm hoping to get some replies tomorrow. Candy Empire, which I sent my resume to last week, called me this afternoon! And due to some issues, they are gonna call me back on Monday instead. I hope they put me at Harbourfront instead of Millinia Walk. Travelling from Queenstown - City Hall - Sengkang/Bukit Panjang = DIE DIE DIE! Talking about Queenstown, I need to make payment for remodule really soon :( byebye $241

On a lighter note, coming Wednesday we're gonna go play badminton again but it is with Aunt Shirley! Looking forward :> Thursday, hanging out with my girls!! Sexcited. Though I don't know what are we gonna do hehe. Oh, this reminds me. WHEN IS OUR BFF TIMES HUH BFF!? BLOODY HELL.

Ok bye this space is getting so boring. I've recovered so it's time for my camera to be back in action. :)

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Blogger Rosental said...

Hi Glynis.
Any nice blogshops to recommend? :D

May 26, 2009 at 8:00 PM  
Blogger Todoshi said...

me thinks its food. no whore charges for $6++ hehe

May 28, 2009 at 7:26 PM  

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