Thursday, May 21, 2009

I'm not aware of how I could possibly love you without aching

Oh, LV love :)

Badminton was so, so good yesterday. I have to admit I never loved sports this much. I'm going to do it again, and I'm gonna do it on a weekly routine. Yesterday was probably the first time in few years since I last moved my muscles!!

And it is causing my whole body to ache like hell now............

Well, the result for not exercising regularly!! Bb said we'll gym next week but gotta plan again to fit Zel's and her timetable. Speaking of timetable, I'm jobless. One more week and class starts. Holy crap :(

And today, I was supposed to go over to Jems' for movie marathon but sighhh fever have to ruin it! It was horrible last night. Burning up at 38.6deg and I sat in front of the lappie all the way 'til 3am. Too hot I couldn't sleep at all!!

When you are sick, in bed, can't sleep and bored, you surf the net. So that is what I did for the past few days when I don't watch The Hills. Guess what I found! Super cutesy things :)

Hello Kitty or flowers? 
Katy Perry!
Hospital de Hello Kitty!
Effing cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Hello Kitty AK47
Damn cute shoes that I wouldn't wear out if I have them!

Oh, today, Aunty Shirley & cousins came over :))))) totally made my day. My lovely voice kinda scared them. How horrible, I sound like a boy! And I spent the whole time job hunting, sending resumes and thinking of movies to watch/download, new psp games to download.

AND GUESS WHAT CAME IN THE MAIL TODAYYYY!!! The black bow headband I bought from Hippielippie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D I'm in love with it. My mom thinks I'm nuts for buying it at $10 hahaha. I'm contemplating to get the red one now. Or blue one?? Indecisive!

Ok, that's all folks. I'm gonna go watch The Hills or Gossip Girl. While blog-hopping, someone had to be spoiler and kinda blogged about the ending. Oh thanks much! I have to watch it 'cos I heard _ said _ to _!!!!!!!!! OK BAI

P/s: One week to our 2nd year :)
P/p/s: and no plans at all. :/

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