Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The closest thing to me at heart is the furthest thing away to touch

How hard is it to pick up your phone, type a couple words, find my name & hit send? I feel like that's not very difficult. And yet it totally & completely changes my day.

Prawn noodles for lunch was yummy. Got home early after class, earlier than expected. Eclipse is still nowhere to be found despite my search at various bookstore. I'm down to my last chapter & really hating it. Ugh, bringing my PSP tmr. Mom just won't let go of the effing DS!!! >:@

Oh by the way Marc, your plan succeeded! Happy for you sia (inserts evil laughter) I hope you're coming tmr, I got something angry/pissing off t share with you.

When I got home, the only word that I can think of: Exasperated
I hope you're happy now.

Suma's class from 8.30am to 3.15pm. Holy cow, how am I going to survive! My ears are gonna bleed again tomorrow. Jemi Chan & Marc Lee you both die die have to entertain me before I bleed to death. Wong Shi Min managed to escape 'cos she gotta collect passport tomorrow. After hearing from Shim, I was wondering if I should skip class tomorrow before I flare up at anyone. But I cannot cannot leave Jemi alone, I feel bad! I think I will just go..nono see how. :/

Veh veh veh tired just hung up ont he phone with J it's almost 2am I'm going to bed naw :)

'Cause without you,
things go hazy.

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