Tuesday, January 13, 2009

How long should I wait before I let you go?

I believe in your strength, though I understand you've felt alone because when you need a friend, there's no one strong to fall back on, and your past will still burden you, but I'll hold you through the pain. In the end it's just you with your memories & your scars. Fall on me if you ever forget how beautiful you are. I believe in your words & your eyes, and when you speak of your dreams, I realize that I will envy whoever you give your heart to, so in the end it is not just you with your memories & your scars. Fall on me if you ever forget how beautiful you are, and I will never let you fade away.

I had a good ten hours of sleep, slept really tight. I didn't wake up in the middle of the night at all. Felt good :) Very healthy this morning. With a cup of coffee on the table, my pills - crushed, no breakfast - I like & enjoyed the music playing the stereo. Ah, perfecto =)

I was telling Alexandre last night, I hope Naidu's class is worth attending today. Suma's yesterday was Horrible with a capital H.

What the hell, I'm almost done with New Moon but Eclipse and Breaking Dawn got no stock :( :( I'm trying to read it as slowly as possible. I cannot wait to read Eclipse prease. This time I will buy both books at one go. So I don't have to wait. Chey.

Secondhand Serenade's Fall For You is playing nawz. Right. Just when I said this morning was such an ideal kind of morning I wanted. Need not struggle to get up, did not have a lot nonsense on my mind which does not include worrying about you 'cos you're no nonsense, woke up on the right side of the bed & felt extremely good. Hm, I still love this song anyway..despite how much reminds me of you. And I'm still feeling good 'cos I just thought of you and happy stuffs.

I still cannot decide which RL bag to get. Colourful pony or gold metallic one? :(

Skoolz naw for yummy lunch, I will go and ask Jems & Shim which I should get. Teehee blog again tonight tata!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jensen Ackles..
A very beautiful song <3

December 11, 2009 at 8:57 AM  

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