Friday, January 23, 2009

I wish I'd heard when you said that your heart could not wait

I'm happy that you held my hand for a time longer than I anticipated.
I'm happy that you said you remember things I said & I should not say that you don't pay attention to me when I talk.

Ok now you just have to shorten the lifespan of this tiny winy little bubble of happiness by mentioning that peach.

Why, a moment you were so nice then you go back to being mean when she's around or when she calls you. I wonder when you talk to her, do you sound this dead, this unwilling to talk just like the way you talk to me. Stop making me happy for 2 hours and make me upset for the next few days.


You know what? Stop it. Jealousy is one hella bitch, it can cause one to do anything-- I mean, anything at all even if it means going behind the bars for taking your life.

And now you make me happy by asking me out. Dammit!

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