Sunday, February 1, 2009

All I needed was a call that never came

I would love to spend my everyday like today. Wake up in the afternoon, do my revision, go for dinner & spend the night with my favourite people :)

Met J for dinner at Kopitiam again for bak chor mee ;) After that we took a bus down to Far East. Walked around & went to look for Yanbff(L). Waited for her to knock off and we went back home together. We kept laughing at J wth hahah she's so retarded, honestly. And bff can actually join her in her stupid childish games -.- We went back home at around 11ish, came home and helped Zel in her homework.

Thanks for today, loves. I love you both <3

SA: Yupp, I guess I'm really happy now, contented with what I have :) Looking forward to when you reveal your identity! Don't worry, I always like anonymouses. Nice ones especially. Have a great week ahead!

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