Thursday, January 29, 2009

Feel free to kiss me on the cheek even though I'd prefer the lips

I definitely will be happier than a bird with a french fry from today onwards. I'm done with being mad, I'm pretty much a very forgiving person. Apology works but not all the time, usually works on the first time.

I'm getting quite sick of visiting. I just wanna stay home, be in comfortable home clothes and study all day. Other than being able to dress up and wear new clothes, nothing that I fancy from visiting. It's quite boring sometimes. I've to go bainian tomorrow :[ Ugh again on Saturday, omg. But Saturday I've got Econs paper 10 fucking am in the morning. On a lighter note, Saturday we're having late night coffee at some random coffee house, whee! Come Sunday, it's our family day. We've planned to watch two movies on that day!!

Topshop private event was great. Free flow of Tiger beer (which I really dislike), snacks from some random hotel that we totally missed, DJ Sassy all tall and pretty, photos taken & printed, up to 65% discount but we found nothing pleasing to the eye. Ben & Jerry's yummy ice-cream, toilet cleaner singing qi ge long tong qiang tong qiang loudly in the toilet, Malay couple quarreling loudly by the sea, bumped into two ex-schoolmates on the train home, walked the ultra long way back home to spend more time talking.

I'm busy, on the phone, entertaining the crazy one who forgot to take her towel to shower and is stucked in the toilet. Tsk tsk.. I'll put up the photos in tomorrow's post. Grey's & PSP later hehehe GTA is bloody fun okay with all the killing and running people down hahaha!

Happy 20th ♥
I'll be you winter coat buttoned & zipped straight to the throat with the collar up so you won't catch a cold :) Luv u x

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