Saturday, January 31, 2009

I love you to the point you can no longer take

Tonight, despite the amount of information I have to squeeze into my head, I am really happy. I cannot contain the happiness in me for long, I feel like I am going burst.

"Can you feel that I am sitting next to you right now?"
"Can you feel that someone is sitting next to you"
"and looking at you?"
I really wish you were here.

At least I know you really care, despite of all the =.=" you do on msn. I am happy la okay. I will do my paper properly, I will do it well. For you I will for you I will for you I will for you I will for you I will xx

I am so happy I am seeing you soon. Even though it's for awhile, just a quick meet up. If it's for only 5-10 minutes, I'd still be this happy. When you asked if you can come and pick me, I was (I know I said I would use profanities less but I have to!) fucking overjoyed. I was smiling like a fucktard fool.

If I could tell you one thing, I guess it would be that I love hearing your voice & that your smile just happens to brighten my day. I'm glad you call once in a while (better than no calls!) and your smile is implanted in my mind.

And.. I'm not dateless on Vday anymore :) ^^ teehee

I love you so much.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

no you dont know me... juz like your picture,[ i love you so much anonymous ] - explains it

juz like me, i love everythin' about you but i am just an anonymous you will never know :]

waitin' for your post tonight.


January 31, 2009 at 3:29 PM  

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