Wednesday, January 28, 2009

This is the closest I've come to touching you the way I want

It is worthwhile, that's why I'm in this battle for you. Every scar I get from this battle would remind me what I went through for you. It is worth it. I know it is.

Yknow when you asked me out, with hesitation, "Er...wanna go for movies?" I was thinking what made you hesitate. Is it my answer, for the fear of rejection? Or is it because you think I do not want to go out with you?

And whenever you asks me to hang out with you, anytime any day anywhere, it will be a definite yes without consideration, no hesitation.

Yknow when you said you'd kiss me whenever you see me, I got a shock. I mean, shock in a nice way I guess. I mean, not being grossed out and all & you said it.

And in actual fact, I'd love it.

Yknow when you said that you did thought of getting together with me & that maybe I do deserve a chance but you have zero confidence with ":(" to end off the sentence, I felt so relieved. I thought this was a one-sided thing all along. Right from the beginning.

For that one moment, I felt so light.

Yknow I said, "Goodnight, I love you" not because I want something from you but I just wanted you to know. That is all. Simple. And sweet.

I wonder how am I supposed to express this, to make you feel like yknow, I really love you & this is clearly what I want right now. How am I going to prove this all to you that it is true, nothing but the truth & love?

I love you.

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