Friday, January 30, 2009

I want you around when it falls into place with you & I

I'm very tired. I still have to study for tomorrow's Econs paper. I'm so gonna fail, I'm prepared to. Just fuck it man.

Bainian at Aunt Shirley's place
Jenae getting cuter and cuter
Photos with Zel
Mouth exercise like non-stop hits: eat, talk, drink tsktsk
Watched telly and studied the whole day
Late night coffee with mom & dad at Buangkok
Went NTUC and bought ice-cream
Bumped into A
Thought of ______ & also ___
Directed my attention to something else immediately
Home, showered & did my hair (yay prettier tomorrow)
Jemi's very cute text came to wish us all pass with frying colours for tomorrow's paper (luv u crazy)
Very tired I wanna sleep now
A lot of Econs stuff in my head

Show you something cute ok

Husband's gift for wife's birthday
(Credits: woohome)

Me also want *hinthint* :) Me want D60.
Eh the cake looks a bit..hmm weird from the top view huh? Never mind, still cute. I still want.

I don't want my ang bao collection to end before the new year end :( I want some more ang bao so I can buy things and go on ignore-the-price-tag spree! And depressing. VDAY IS HERE IN 15 DAYS' TIME KILL ME NOW KILL ME NOW KILL ME NOWWWWWWWWW

Ok Econs time. Opportunity cost, price elasticity, monopolistic, supply and demand curve. OK BYE!

Secret admirer: Thank you! I know I definitely deserve better :) Do I know you?

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