Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I'm sorry about the phone call, & needing you

Sometimes you have to be
strong for yourself. You have
to know that you're a good
person & a good friend.
What's meant to be will end
up good & what's not - won't.
Love is worth fighting for, but
sometimes you can't be the
only one fighting. At times,
people need to fight for you.

If they don't, you just have
to move on & realize what
you gave them was more
than they were willing to
give you.
Hopefully, people
realize great things when
they come around. And don't
lose something real. Always fight,
until you can't anymore,
and then be fought for.

I did revision and wrote notes for HMC today. I was in all day with the horribly humid weather and scotching sun shining right into the room. Heat was felt all over, no matter which part of the house I was in. But I was happy with myself for writing so much & I am glad I went for most classes and I wrote notes. Most of the questions and topics for the exam is what he told us to write down. Thank God.

Merl came over in the afternoon to bainian :) She stayed until 10ish and we sent her home. We planned to go Godma Sue's place on Saturday to bainian. She was telling me about her big night out with Joyce & she had a lot to drink. Mostly shots. Makes me hungry for them :| I've been dying for a lychee martini. *hintcoughshint*

I downloaded Time Crisis, Metal Slug X, Resident's Evil & Crash Team Racing today!! :D All was done by 8pm, I started at about 1ish. Fast huh!! Much thanks to my hard disk else no space in the desktop man. Loco Roco 2 is damn fun la okay hahah I cannot stop playing. I ditched the dslite already hahaha.

I was the one snatching my hand away & making us masquerade as friends. So why am I the only one trying to hold it together now? It's like chasing smoke, and it's escaping through my fingers. I made us secret, so now maybe I'm just grabbing at something that was never really there.

I'll never understand why God allows certain people into our lives, fully knowing they're not going to stay. Now I'm scared of anyone who walks into my life.

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