Sunday, February 1, 2009

You're the last thing left that really felt like home to me

I am home from the super ultra late coffee + supper. Of course, it turned out to gossip + suffer. Had so much to eat, plus it was buffet. Are they trying to kill me I really think they are!

Each time my phone goes 'If I were a boy....', I was hoping it's you calling.
And you called wor :D :D

You asked where I was, whether I have time to meet up. Sadly I was on the way to Grand Copthorne :( :( !!! So I told you I can't but I can prolly make it tomorrow for either brunch or dinner. Heh I hope to see you tomorrow nehsxzxz

Anyway Grand Copthorne sucks, never ever go there for buffet. Do not ever go there! It sucks. It's $69 per head and twenty of us went. It really sucked! Lousy food, lousy atmosphere, lousy music, lousy seating arrangements. And we paid so much the food is not worth it at all. Still prefer Hyatt, Shangri-la, Pan Pacific & Hotel Rendevous's buffet. So much better, cheaper and better food, much better atmosphere. Double you tea eff.

I finally had lychee martini. Glass after glass, I couldn't stop. Damn nice!!! Now my head is spinning hahaha still sober! Tummy very hot hahah. I was texting A 'cos she asked if I was coming on and I told her I want shots. 52, bomb and tequila. Sex on the beach. YUMMY! So much for being an alcoholic. HA HA HA need to go drinking soon

They kept asking me to go Zouk, 'cos it was just next door but I cannot take it already. I woke up so fucking early in the morning today I need sleep, I'm dying! Next time ok when I got no school that morning and no exams to study for heh

About 11ish, you texted. Saying you cannot get to sleep, asked if I could accompany you. yugh i am so angry with myself for this!! I was busyor something andaway from my phone & only replied an hour later. :( :( Only to find out that you're asleep so I texted you again an hour later to say goodnight heh ^^

I don't know. On one hand I am really going crazy with the things I am dealing with, on the other hand I am going crazy wanting to be with you. Even bff said I am really crazy and mad over you haha never mind it is worth it I love you! goodnight xx

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

so i read two posts at one go... exasperated, furious, upset. i slightly have some idea on who that person who made you a fool. it helps when i have been keep trackin' of your posts.

karma will haunt him right back. you are too nice to be treated this way. i do not like to see BOYS treatin' ladies this way. he deserved to be called a boy

o no, i assume your friends do not know me as much as i do. i do my work ya know, such as readin' up your friends' blogs...

it has been a long night, cut down on drinkin' cos only losers drink and get drunk. you're way too good to be called one. take care you.


February 1, 2009 at 4:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

pardon those grammatical errors... cant be bothered by typin' a nice chunk for that a-hole.

February 1, 2009 at 4:24 AM  

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