Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Nice to meet you, I'm your other half

I just went through the memory stick and the hard disk. I realised I've got a lot of overdue photos to be uploaded. Omigosh yay for proper visuals finally heh heh I put it up soon ok ^^

My eyes are closing, and has been closing since 12ish today. Tsk tsk no more waking up at 6am prease peaches, with four hours of sleep I can die flat on the floor.

Anyway today's paper went very smoothly, finished it in 45 minutes :) I'm hoping for an A or B. But not pinning my hopes too high. I just know that I studied for most of the questions that came out so yay! Shim was late so she couldn't take the paper :( :(

After the paper, we went Jurong Point. Spice Girls + Power Ranger = (Jems, Shim, Zoe, Me) + (Marc) Sorry, random :/ Virgin trip to JP! Hahah super sua ku okay I feel like I was in M'sia for a while such an unfamiliar place!! Jems was the tour guide and we were like tourists fasinated with everything and anything we see. Tsk tsk girls girls girls, where's your image huh!!

J came over to look for us and we settled at Mac's. Shim had to work last minute, so she left & Zoe left with her to meet boyfriend for lunch. The rest of us had Mac's for lunch. Nuggets, chicken burgers, fries and coke. Stayed there until about 12ish, Marc went home while we left for Jems's place to visit Fur & look at her house ^^ heh heh not forgetting, take the orleng! Fur is effin' cute, her house is damn bloody nice I want a slumber pjs girls-and-pink-only party there girls :(

Left her house and we went back to the bus interchange, took 180 to J's place. Went up to her house to bainian. Heh heh her mom super cute la said a lot of nice sayings and I didn't know what to say to her!! I only know zao shen gui zi but how can I say that to her right? So I just kept hurhur happy new year aunty hahah so retardedddd

PSP games, torrent, eboot.pbp, GTA, songs, iTunes, hard disk, Sims 2, cheat codes, TV, yummy spicy soup made by J, laughing at people's blog. Everything that happened/said in her room will remain in her room :) I had fun, we should do this again on a simple afternoon. Left at around 5ish, cabbed back home & fell flat on the bed. I was so damn tiredddddddd

I will blog again, later/tomorrow. Need to rest for a bit and do a little bit of reading. SBS paper on Wensday, I can kiss goodbye to it seriously. I got no idea what to study okay and Suma, you should suck my toe. Ahhhh third day into Fedbuary, how fast.. Before we all know it I'd graduate and get my diploma cert, that's when I won't get to see my Spice Girls anymore :(

SA: It's so nice to know that a stranger, someone whom I've not met or heard from before would want this much amount of happiness for me. It's amazing I guess, the way human can click. And thanks a lot, really. Your appearance turned a lot of my silent readers into not-so-silent readers hahaha they are dying to know about you! I hope your Tuesday was a great one :)

Thank you, I love you <3

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