Monday, May 18, 2009

Should you want me, I'm yours completely

Exams are over!!!!!!
So are the weekends, boohoo :( Within these two weeks, I'm going to do everything I wanna do :) But ughhhhhh flu has to come right now. I was saying that I wanna fall sick but not now!!!!! :( Ok back to update!

On Thursday, we had our last paper, Advertising. I sat in for the longest time! Usually I'd be out by 10am or latest 11am. I was in there until about 1145am! Amazed, I truly am.. I was actually done at 11am but I just wanna ensure that I wrote everything to the best of my knowledge.

After the paper, we went Far East Plaza for ayam penyet!!


Yummy food filled my tummy. I was about to burst! We went to walk around and spent almost 3-4 hours there shopping! Jems bought a pink polka dot dress & a vintage floral top from Litmus & a cutesy light blue jumper, and a pair of denim sandals to go with it! (That outfit was purrrrfeck for a picnic, I totally luv the look on her) Shimmy bought a acid wash button down mini skirt and a belt. And me? I only bought a pair of earrings :( I didn't see anything I like, dammit.


Went to visit bff @ work! We camwhored in her shop, talked and all that. There's a few more piccas of Jemsy posing as Micheal Jack Then we left for DFS :) After walked around DFS, we headed home. It was a great day, really. I love hanging out with the girls. Zoe, you should come on our next gathering ok!!!! :D

On Saturday, I booked tickets online the night before to catch 17 Again! Due to some interruptions, we were late but still, the show was amazing!!


The whole time in the theatres, I couldn't get my eyes off the screen at all. Hahaha he's soooo handsome!! Hotter than when he was in HSM3 ;)

After that, we walked to Cineleisure, then to Heeren. Bought something from Diva, finally!!!!!! It's been soooo long since I last bought something from Diva! Cabbed to Singapore Flyer for dinner. I was starving 'cos I missed lunch, thanks to the interruption. We had Popeye's again!

My favourite - 3 crispy chicken strips!

If you have not tried Popeye's, you really should! Get a mashed potato too. It is damn good! The fries are like, Long John Silver's. Very niceeeeeeeee! Don't try their onion rings, it taste quite bad :/ Like burnt? I don't know but looking at the pictures now, It's making me hungry :(

During dinner, we bumped into Vanessa & her girlfriend! They were looking for seats and we were sitting on a four-seater so we sat together. Talked, blah blah blah. We left after dinner, leaving them with theirs.

Thereafter, we took a bus to Far East :) Bought stuff for my jewelry making! Yay I'm finally gonna DIY something, so excited!! Walked around, bought nothing again. It really sucks to be me, bleah :(

Then we went for desserts!! I wanted Haagen Dazs but the last time we went there, it was so crowded that we couldn't get a seat and missed it so we decided to just go for Slice instead. Bumped into one of bb's secondary school friend, pretty Jeline :)


Yeh yeh Breakfast in Bed again!! We really need to hunt for new dessert place, bee, I know you are getting sick of Slice :/ I wanna try new food as well. Really need to hunt for them, hmm.. Walked to Wisma, GAP, F21 and took a train home.

It's been a long tme since we last took a photo together :) :)

Pick-ups this week :)

On Sunday, I spent the entire day at home. Had Long John Silver takeaway for dinner and watched Beverly Hills Chihuahua on the lappie! :)

Today, J, Zel & I went for lunch at Hougang Mall. Ban Mian (L)(L)(L)!!!! Deeeeeeelicious :> We went arcade after lunch hahaha it was fun!!


Spent $10 at the arcade. Bowling, street basketball, motorbike racing! After that, we took a train back and took LRT to Farmway! Went to the Mac's there for ice-cream and booked a court for badminton this Wednesday!! Sounds like an exciting week ahead but with the flu here...... :( I hope it isn't here to stay. The migraine is really killing me.

I guess I really need a lot of rest. I've been sleeping at 3am and waking up at 11am with approx 8 hours of sleep. NOT GOOD! I shall pop a pill and go to bed early tonight. Not sure if there is project meeting for GP tomorrow though.. I really hope I remember it wrongly so I get to stay home again tomorrow. Bleah, sucks to be ill :(

P/s: Oh HI and thanks for the comments! I'll reply to them on my next post, when I'm (hopefully) feeling better!

When you jerk away from holding hands with me, you didn't know these habits hurt important parts of me.
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banmian (L)(L)(L) somemore !

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