Saturday, January 24, 2009

I remember seeing you for the first time
My stomach flipping, nerves firing
I remember touching you for the first time
My fingers trembling, my heart pounding
I remember kissing you for the first time
Lips touching, gently tasting
I remember lying next to you for the first time
Skin against skin, exchanging warmth
I remember watching you sleep for the first time
Your eyes closed, deep in peace
I remember you waking against me
Murmuring in my ear

But what I remember most
Is falling asleep in your arms
Content at last

Great Saturday only because I finally bought heels. I'm not sober, not drunk but tired & sleepy. I just don't feel like I'm alive at all. With such mood and everything, I can still blog/write. Amazing huh. I've got photos from today but I've not uploaded them yet..I will do it tomorrow after the reunion dinner if I got pictures, if I intend to bring SLR over that is. Hair cut + reunion dinner tomorrow. Siansxz x last number. I have to entertain their one million and five questions about my studies and family and problems and gossips and shopping and my face and my make up and clothes and whatnot. Worry about that tomorrow, for now it's Grey's + J + bed = goodnight <3

Do I still love you? Absolutely. There's not a doubt in my mind. Through all my anger, my ego, I was always faithful in my love for you. That I ever made you doubt it-- is the greatest mistake in a life full of mistakes. I can tell you that I love you as many times as you can stand to hear it but it doesn't set us free, all it does is remind us that love is not enough. It's not even close.

P/s: I am not asking for anything but I really feel unappreciated. And it sucks. You know that. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT YOU BITCHBASTARD IT IS GETTING ON MY NERVES WHEN I'VE TO KEEP SMILING LIKE IT IS OK WHEN YOU TAKE ME FOR GRANTED!!

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