Sunday, January 25, 2009

We'd all be lucky to have a love like that in a lifetime

Taken on 16th Jan.

Here are many questions that I have that I know will always be left unanswered because I would never have the heart to ask them because it hurts too much. Way too much. So much that I cannot bear. I've told you how I feel so many times before and each time I did, it fails. Right through. Without even having to complete what I wanted to say, I already knew it would fail. But I still told you anyway. I kept telling myself I shouldn't expect too much from you because whenever I do, I get disappointed, land myself in disappointment which leads to me being very very upset for the next few days.

And eventually I've just got to walk away. Walk away with as much of my heart & pride in tact as possible. If (inserts name) chases after me, great, but if you're having to walk away, chances are (inserts name) won't. So be ready to plaster a big fake smile on my face & tough through the hard parts. Because in the end, it's so much better that I left with what I could, then got left with nothing.

I don't know, I wish you were here right now with me.
Tonight you texted me, I was happy but..mixed feelings you know.


Reunion dinner was great. We had mini bbq and steamboat, 2 in 1! Six hours after dinner, and my tummy growls. Seriously. I'm constantly reminding myself that I'm on a diet! Ok but cny's here and with all the goodies..... :/ shrugs, I will cut down, maintain, whatever & everything. I'm just super sleepy now, I need to get some rest.

Did I mention, I permed my hair?
I love it, I always wanted curls! I will perm it permenantly after CNY.

Happy nu year everyone [[=

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