Monday, August 31, 2009

I keep thinking of you, you're on my mind for the fifty seven thousandth time this morning

SBS lecture is a chore. For one, lecturer's voice is squeky. For two, she treats us like primary school kids! Thank God she dismissed us an hour earlier today 'cos she finished the chapter faster than expected. "Go off quietly, and row by row." What the fuck!? Obviously we didn't.

Because Sher only gotta work at 5pm, off we went on a cab to Serene Center! We all were craving for ice-cream, the weather was a killer this afternoon. Island Creamery, here we come!!

ReversO & Ping Pong Milo!

I wasn't ready for the photo :@

Sher & Chrissy :>

Because they got this Canon photo printer & the walls are either filled with photos of happy faces or drawings, we took photos & pasted it on the wall as well :D Printed two, kept one for myself!

I told bee before that I would want something (much neater, of course) like this with all our photos on our bedroom walls IF we ever get to live together. From our very first shot to the last, all in black & white :>

The two photos that were printed!

Trying to write something out of the marker with back up ink

Really like this photo but not the person in there -.- DAMN STONE LEH YOU

Too bad I look stupid here, and super blur :/

Probably not destined to have a nice photo with the background

Happy Sher :>

And happy Chrissy!

Trying to make our photos stick..........

TADAH!!!!! Spot us?

Left the place around 4.15pm & walked to the bus stop. Can't wait to hang out with them & Ban!! :) While walking to the bus stop, we found out that dear Sher also got motion sickness. Hahahahaha she told us something super funny about her past. Damn cute, love them all to the maxxxx <3

TDMC tomorrow = seeing Jalaini & his gayness. I can't believe he said, "Don't be so slutty" to one of the guys in the class hahaha! Ok time for L Word before I turn in for class tomorrow, toddles! :>

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bonita Angelica

Promoting this for Angela the sweetpea, she just started this shop not too long ago!
I really like her stuff, to be very honest. I like the scribbles design off-shoulder dress & the Chanel inspired bag!! Ok I ever did mention that I will not get anymore inspired stuff but this bag is super, extremely sturdy!! It looks like it is real. I've seen it for myself omg, it is of very good material & definitely worth every penny!

Don't wait, visit Bonita Angelica today!!

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I miss yellow lines in my roads, some color on monochrome

Today I:
x Went out with baby to have lunch at Liang Court as a mini celebration for our 27th month together & bought my instant kimchi soup from Meidi-ya.
x Went to Aunt's place to celebrate Pearlyn's 8th birthday.
x Had my favourite Rive Gauche's Guanaja cake!
x Took lots of photos of Pearlyn with Taf's camera.
x Realied home is my comfort zone.
x felt happy when I remember that I got class tomorrow! Which means I'd be able to spend time with my girls :)
x Am still feeling down.
x Wished you were still a part of me, and not apart from me.
x Thought of a new url :)
x Decided that I will not abandon this blog 'cos it means a lot to me. My readers mean a lot to me too!

On Thurs, at work, this IJ girl came up to me...

IJ girl: Hello, may I know how much is this?
Me: Oh, thirty-four dollars.
IJ girl: Oh.. Thank you. Are you the writer of theklassiquecrime?
Me: Uh......i don't blog there anymore...
IJ girl: Oh yeh.. I read your blog.
Me: Oh okay...

I just never thought I would get to experience this 'cos I'm not a very super famous blogger & all that sort of things. I was surprised & happy, of course.

To whoever that girl was, sorry if I sounded unfriendly :x hahaha say hi again next time!

School tomorrow! L Word for a little bit & off to bed I go :>

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

A subatomic blip in the temporal fabric of creation

A quick update!
I know I haven't been updating but check out my Twitter! Or follow me on Twitter (which is a much better choice, of course)!

Been spending very very little time with bee & it's making me feel so bad. I really wanna make time for her but :( sigh.. I hope work is not what that caused the distance between us. Can't wait to spend more time with you after school resumes. I love you baby :)

Work has been really good though very very tiring. Weekly I get $xxx, & monthly I'd probably get $xxxx!!! When it's pay day, we all look forward to it. But definitely, some of the money would go right back to Cy 'cos we work/shop at the same place hahahaha. Last week I got myself a wallet (finally paid for it) & bee came over, she bought a shirt! Hooray~ Supper nights with Cy, Hanice, Angela, Laura, Wen, Bff & myself. Nights where we work 'til dawn for the grand opening. Cleaning up the new office. Pick up new stocks, stock take, pack stocks 'til late. Shanelle & her club fights. Laura & her purchases hahahaha. Angela & her dirty thoughts. The one particular someone we all know we dislike the most. The new photo wall that would be up in the office/shops soon (!!!!) damn excited we can put up our beautiful faces heh heh!

Work has never brought this much amount of laughter, smiles & fatigue in my entire life. Oh, & not forgetting stress!! I treat this shop like my own, just so that I do my best & aim for the highest.

Here comes the rant.

Potluck picnic for my advance birthday celebration - which will be happening tomorrow - is a complete disappointment. The whole point of asking people to RSVP by Friday is just so that we have time to prepare enough drinks for everyone. Seems like everyone missed the point. They only start replying on late Friday or Saturday. Never mind that. Guess what? My closest friends are the ones not coming & the ones who didn't replied. (Y) Ftw "friends". I'm 75% sure it is because of your boyfriend, no? Prove me wrong. And no, I'm not pointing fingers at anyone at all. If you think it is you, so be it.

I'm so mad at myself. I should be the one organizing it instead of leaving it to you both. I should've known this plan wouldn't work out. I should've known no one will be attending at all. Why the fuck did I even thought of planning anything? I should've just spend a nice day out with bee to "celebrate". Fuck this, seriously. Like what bee said, if those who made an effort to come, good for the two of us; those who made an effort to apologise & explain why & would make it up (if it happens that is), good for me; those who did not, an eye for an eye.

I shouldn't get so affected, should I? Yeh totally.

This is one of my current earworms :)

Can't you see that I'm the one who understands you?
Been here all along, so why can't you see?
You belong with me

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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Everything will change but love remains the same

Because I worked 'til late last night & so did bb, we decided that today shall be a very very simple day out for us, just to spend some time together since it's the weekends. :)

Cabbed down because I was late. End up wasting money because I took as much time as taking train to get to Cine by cab, wtf. Waste money!!! Quick bite at Burger King, before our movie.

Yes yes, we caught The Hangover!! Shiok much, it was really funny. Totally worth the watch. Don't miss out on this show, it is worth it. Must watch!!!!! :D

After the movie, we went to the small Korea supermart to find if there is any instant kimchi soup. They don't have it, only Meidi-ya have. I really want instant kimchi soup!!! It'd be perfect for me......... :( Took a bus to Plaza Sing & had dinner at Hong Kong Cafe. Haven't had Hong Kong Cafe in a long time!!! That outlet is fucking noisy, can't stand it. Music super loud, people talk even louder omgggg.

Dreading the arrival of Sunday............because I'm gonna stay indoors all day omg so boring!

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I'd like to see our roles reversed to watch you hang on every word

First day of work. Saw Claudine, Rachael Gan, Lye Yee & Roaringqueen. Rosental came by, to have dinner with me (thanks sweetie!). Sales was fucking good. I'm so happy just thinking of it right now. Shanelle's very cute. First day of work together & I love her already! Super friendly & extremely random :) Met one half of TE & also DS. I met so many new people today!

Cy was busy, couldn't send me home. So he drove me to Bukit Timah & I took a cab back. Cabbie was very talkative. I was too tired to say anything!! Got home at around 12am with very tired legs... My maid asked whyyyyyyyyy work starts on 31st & on a Friday??????

Interesting fact: I managed to survive standing for 10 hours. Way to go, way to go!

sleep for missy now, nights x

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